Calendar Printing Operation Introduction

- Aug 21, 2017-

The operation of desk calendar printing is not as complicated as we thought, but the process is also a big job, the basic process includes five aspects. Printing, we usually refer to the "four-color printing" concept, which is because the color of the calendar printing variety is made up of C, M, Y, K, four of colors. This concept is analogous to, we will make the red green and blue as the basis of color is a truth.

Color separations, is the professional terminology of the printing industry, refers to the print on the color decomposition to yellow, magenta, cyan, black four primary colors; out of film, film is a very important thing, it is equivalent to the photographic film, four kinds of color need four of the Philippine Forest, that is, C, M, Y, K, this is the same as the photo-wash, the same, the printing can be out of the corresponding color. Seihan, printing is the final key step, this is through the computer and machine to complete the steps.

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