Rejection Of Harmful Publications And Information Launch Of Green Bookmarks Centralized Publicity Week

- May 07, 2018-

Rejection of harmful publications and information Launch of "Green Bookmarks" Centralized Publicity Week

From April 20th to 26th, the “Green Bookmarks” focused publicity week. The "green bookmarking" activity is an important work arrangement for the "Guardian 2018" special campaign. In recent days, through the deployment of the national “Anti-Yellowing and Non-Proofing” working group office, the departments at all levels of the “Anti-Yellowing and Non-Affectioning” Office, jointly with the departments of press and publication, radio and television, education, and cultural law enforcement, have unveiled a unified plan to “help protect children’s healthy growth, reject harmful publications and "Themes" of the "Green Bookmarks 2018" campaign.


In order to better create a brand of “green bookmark” activities and expand social influence, the “Office of Purchasing the Yellow and Scarce” campaign has been launched on Sina Weibo since April 18 to launch the “Green Book Bookmarking Initiative” inviting writers, scholars, literary stars and sports stars. , celebrities and other social celebrities recommend outstanding books to young people and advocate that young people read more books and read good books. At present, Jia Pingwa, Wang Shuzeng, Gao Hongbo, Zheng Yuanjie, Zhou Daxin, Qiu Huadong, Kang Zhen and a group of well-known writers and cultural celebrities have joined the recommendation campaign to recommend various excellent books to young people. The person in charge of the National Office of “Cracking the Wrong” has stated that all sectors of the community are welcome to join the “Green Book Bookmarking Initiative” to share excellent books and reading experiences and help young people grow up healthy and happy.


In addition to further improving the WeChat public number “green bookmarks”, the “Office of Purchasing Anti-Yellowing and Non-Cracking” has been officially launched since April 20 and Baidu bear paws and Baijia No. have been officially launched. Dynamic, strengthen the "green bookmark" campaign brand image in the mobile client's promotional page presentation. The National “Office of Purchasing the Yellow and the Non-Corruption” office also unifiedly designed the “Green Bookmark 2018” campaign logo and posted publicity posters.


According to a reporter from the "China Press, Publication, Radio, and Telegraph", during the week of propaganda week, the departments responsible for "elimination of pornography, pornography, and pornography" adopted local signatures to organize signature activities, recommend or present outstanding books, conduct centralized destruction of illegal publications, introduce famous lectures into the campus, and topics. Essays, legal knowledge, public animation videos, and “green bookmarks” were distributed to the masses to enhance interaction with the masses. On the afternoon of April 20th, Beijing held the launching ceremony of the "Green Bookmarks" Centralized Publicity Week and deployed the city's "green bookmarks" activities. On the same day, the "Green Bookmarks and Nursery" anime propaganda film was released. Zheng Yuanjie, the author of the book, was invited to recommend excellent books to the public. A number of webcasting platforms were also connected to broadcast live broadcasts of infringement, piracy and illegal publications in Beijing. It is reported that a total of 1.71 million pieces of illegal publications have been destroyed in Beijing. Hunan, Shanxi and many other places combined with Xinhua Bookstore in the province to carry out "green bookmarks excellent children's reading promotion" and "green bookmarks" book purchase activities. In Shanghai and other places, a number of online publishing companies are launched to provide free or free access to excellent digital editions, audiovisual works, and learning materials for young people.

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