2018 German Offset Professional Conference

- May 05, 2018-

2018 German Offset Professional Conference

According to the German print media report on April 20, an offset printing professional conference will be held in Frankfurt on May 17, 2018. Users and experts will answer pressing questions at the conference. Participants from the German, Austrian and Swiss regions of the Offset Professional Conference expect to focus on such topics as automation, collaboration, customer and quality management. The conference provided first-hand valuable information with practical reports, examples of best practices, up-to-date expertise, and in-depth exchange of experiences. The conference was jointly sponsored by the German Printing and Media Association, the Interstate Printing and Media Association, its affiliated Print Xmedia consulting company and the Northwest Printing and Media Consulting Association.

The meeting began with experts and users to introduce "the reality and future of automated printing production." In a special focus on Industry 4.0, Mass Customization, and Interface Communications, attendees will learn about the possibilities and developments that are present today.

The second part of the meeting focused on customers and the production process. The latest offset printing process standard (PSO) provides printing companies and customers with the best prerequisites for color-stable production – to this end Schleunungdruck print shop introduces their practical experience. Monika Uhlemann of the Oberfranken Media Group printing plant provided valuable experience in implementing lean management projects.

The afternoon meeting agenda arranges cooperation themes. The Meister Group has quadrupled through cooperation and acquisitions. In his experience report, Robert Meister talks about challenges, risk management and making full use of opportunities. In another report, the operational and economic potential of cooperation will be described. The final agenda of the conference focused on the quality and efficiency of the printing shop. Reduce assembly time and increase productivity. Dirk Müller, of Print Xmedia Consulting, has evidence that shortening the set-up time is not always associated with technical investments. Chiemgau Printing Company stated in its practical report how improvements can be made in terms of quality and profitability using practical configuration file technologies. Harry Belz, Technical Reporter at the BVDM Association, explained the new user rules for offset presses and showed important items involved in acceptance machines.

Lens Meyer of the Print Xmedia co-organizer stated that “from practice to practice is the guiding philosophy of offset printing professional conferences. The combination of application examples and expert skills provides important impetus to all who want to make money in offset printing today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. excitation."


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