Paper Books Have A Bright Future

- May 08, 2018-

paper books have a bright future

A new study found that paper books have bright prospects. The survey results show that compared with e-books and audio books, paper books will remain important, have reference value and interest, and will still be welcomed by the market.

As the world's leading supplier of book paper and cover paper, Stora Enso and the market research company Opticom International jointly conducted a survey and conducted 80 in-depth interviews in 13 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.

The purpose of this survey was to better understand the challenges and opportunities in the field of book publishing and consumption. The research objects include publishers, retailers, printers, distributors, emerging audio books and publishers of e-books, and papers. The book is converted into an e-book service provider.

Essi Lauri, Head of Journalism and Book Business at Stora Enso’s Paper Division, said: “One of the main findings of this research is that paper books have a bright future.”

The future of common development of paper books and e-books

Although audio books and e-books have a very important position in the professional and educational fields, only 8% of respondents believe that sales of e-books will increase.

Essi Lauri said: “People’s interest in e-books seems to have decreased, and audiobooks do not seem to replace physical books. They can only be used as a supplement to paper books. For example, you cannot read while driving or jogging. Paper books, but you can listen to audio books."

In the United Kingdom and the United States, sales of e-books were once very strong (approximately 20% of the market). However, in recent years, the sales of e-books have stagnated, and they have not brought as much impact on the sale of paper books as expected. In France and Germany, the market share of e-books is less than 10%. In emerging markets, despite the rapid growth of tablet and smartphone users, people’s interest in e-books seems to remain weak.

On the other hand, the sales volume of audio books continues to grow, mainly including crime novels, real stories, biographies, and love books. However, most respondents stated that audiobooks are only a supplement to paper books and do not replace paper books. It only gives consumers one more choice. In addition, there is no indication that millennials prefer to use eBooks compared to older people.

"The greater the number of electronic products, the higher the value of paper products."

Another discovery of this research is that people are trying to reduce the time to face the electronic screen. As one interviewee said: "The more electronic products, the higher the value of paper products."

Essi Lauri added: “Comparing to e-books, reading with a paper book will have different experiences, such as the book cover and the inner pages, the touch and quality that are brought in. These are all important.”

Certain types of books still appear to be printed in paper form, mainly including hardcover books such as children's books, photography books, books as gifts, and books related to DIY, gardening, and cooking.

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