Newsprint Encounters “paper Shortage” Xu Jingen Proposes To Strengthen The Security Of Newsprint Supply 3

- May 27, 2018-

Newsprint encounters “paper shortage” Xu Jingen proposes to strengthen the security of newsprint supply 3

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Explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the newsprint market

In the fourth quarter of last year, the newsprint market experienced a “roller coaster”. After the China Press Association, the People's Daily, and the Xinhua News Agency reported to the Central Committee one after another, the Central Propaganda Department, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection worked together to ease the severe situation temporarily.

According to the National Environmental Protection Strategic Plan, by 2020, China will completely ban the import of solid waste. By then, how to ensure the normal supply of newsprint is an urgent problem that must be solved before us. To solve this problem, we must not only solve the current shortage of newsprint raw materials, but also focus on the future and take precautions to explore a long-term mechanism for the stable development of the newsprint market.

One must do a good job of designing in advance. It is suggested that a news promotion, environmental protection, development and reform, and finance departments should be organized at a higher level to coordinate the exchange meeting. If necessary, they can invite newsprint mills to participate in research, formulate policy measures, propose specific solutions and form reports, and resolutely implement the national environmental protection strategy. On the basis of coordinating the interests of all parties, priority will be given to safeguarding the public opinion propaganda front of the party and exploring the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the newsprint market, including exploring a reasonable price system and promoting the rational distribution of benefits in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. For example, fixed-point production and quantitative safeguards The linkage of import and production will ensure the country’s strategic health, coordination and sustainable development.

Second, we must open up the waste paper import network. The raw material for paper production is wood. There is a shortage of domestic timber resources. Both the quantity and quality of national waste can not meet the production needs and can only rely on imported raw materials. If you import wood, processing pulp in the country is bound to repeat the old road of pollution and will not work. If imported wood pulp is processed, the production cost will increase dramatically (currently US$230 per ton for imported US-used waste, approximately US$1,100 per ton for imported wood pulp, equivalent to 7,000 yuan), and companies need to adjust their processes and upgrade their equipment. Cannot be completed within. If you directly import newsprint, you need about US$1260 per ton, which is equivalent to 8,000 yuan. Visible, whether it is imported wood pulp or directly imported newsprint, will cause the domestic newsprint prices soared, the newspaper can not afford. Therefore, the import of American waste is still the most economical way.

In the past, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has always included waste paper deinking residue in the list of hazardous wastes, and it has not been cancelled in the latest dangerous list in 2016. According to Wang Jing, director of the Shandong Provincial Academy of Economics, in fact, the printing industry has abandoned the use of heavy-metal inks. Now all of them use environmentally-friendly inks. The content of heavy metals contained in waste paper deinking residue is much lower than that in our normal soil.

The amount of imported US-used waste materials for newsprint is not large. Whether it is in the proportion of the national economy or the impact on the environment is minimal, but it determines the survival of the domestic newspaper industry. In view of the fact that domestic newsprint production raw materials are currently heavily dependent on US waste, and it is difficult to find more desirable alternatives in the short term, it is recommended that when the country completely bans the import of solid waste in 2020, the deinking residue of waste paper shall be removed from the list of hazardous wastes, and For the production of raw materials, leaving a hole for the import of the United States to stabilize newsprint production. At the same time, the newsprint factory is required to be cautious on environmental issues and consciously accept the supervision of the local environmental protection department. It must not be taken lightly. The Press and Publication Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the China Press Association have established a joint supervision mechanism to strengthen supervision of newsprint factories, and resolutely investigated alleged price monopolization and environmental pollution, and maintained the normal operation of the market.

It is understood that China lacks effective management measures for the import of American waste. At present, the Customs and Excise Department bans imports of more than 0.5% of US and waste impurities, but the Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is only responsible for returns, is not responsible for recovering losses for Chinese companies, and lacks restrictive measures against importers’ irregularities, so that the US and US-waste importers have no The scruples, wantonly adulterated. It is suggested that relevant departments should study measures, enact legislation to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies, and restrict importers' illegal behavior.

Third, we must strengthen financial support for the party newspaper. As paper prices have risen sharply, the pressure on the newspapers has increased dramatically. It is proposed to increase the support for the special financial funds of the People's Daily and other central party newspapers, ease the pressure on newspapers, and consolidate the paper media positions in the development of media integration.

Fourth, we must support the healthy development of newsprint. In the past, when the supply of newsprint was strained, they often focused on emotional factors, emphasizing "paper-backed family members." In the future, it should rise to the height of securing newsprint according to law. After all, newsprint production is a corporate behavior, and it is difficult for companies to continue without profit. While guiding the newsprint factory to increase its political position and play a role, it is necessary to give policy support to the national industry and take care of the immediate interests of the newsprint factory, such as exempting newsprint manufacturers from taxes and fees, in order to mobilize their production enthusiasm.

Fifth, orderly import newsprint. In the current situation of a sharp drop in the number of newsprint mills, import paper agents can be introduced in the form of tenders as an effective supplement to domestic newsprint papers to ensure sufficient number of suppliers and ensure that there is more security in the special period of paper shortages. It helps to break the newsprint mill's price alliance. However, newsprint is, after all, a strategic material for the country and must strictly control imports. If the import volume is too large, it will squeeze the development space of domestic newsprint mills and impact the national industry. At present, China's paper industry has formed a scale effect. Shandong Huatai has become the world's leading papermaking industry leader. If the national industry is damaged, it will lose control of the newsprint market and it will be easily “necked” by foreign forces. Taking into account the political nature of newsprint, it is not entirely dependent on imported newsprint.

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