Guizhou Xingdong Color Printing Packing Co., Ltd. Will Start The Second Phase Of Construction

- May 27, 2018-

Guizhou Xingdong Color Printing Packing Co., Ltd. will start the second phase of construction

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At 12 o'clock noon, at the workshop door in Guizhou Xingdong Color Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd., a group of workers with long lines of punching cards was off duty for dinner. The office director of the company, Zhang Yinglun, told reporters that the company started normal work from the seventh day. In the past, it resumed its busy production.

According to reports, Guizhou Xingdong Color Printing & Packing Co., Ltd. is a color printing and packaging factory under the banner of Anshun Daxingdong Health Industrial Park. The company was established in 2016 and invested 50 million yuan. It was completed and put into production in May 2017. The company mainly produces high-end printing. The production and sales of paper and paper products are the main products, and products cover all kinds of commodity packaging.

“After more than half a year of production operations and market sales, our production and sales have been fully opened. The company’s product orders are mainly based on the head office and neighboring provinces and cities. The current order volume has reached 7 million yuan, and many orders before the Spring Festival have not yet Delivery will be intensified in the near future.” Zhang Yinglun said that at present, the company’s factory returned to more than 140 employees, and the factory return rate is about 97%.

According to Zhang Yinglun, it is expected that in May 2018, the company will begin construction of the second phase to meet the company's development and market needs.

Xingdong Color Printing is only one of the companies that resumed production in the park. After the Spring Festival, various companies in the Puding County Industrial Park resumed production in succession and a new wave of production boomed rapidly.

In Guizhou Boda Packing Co., Ltd., walking outside the long factory building can hear the sound of roaring machines. In the workshop, the workers are busy with their own production work in front of the machinery and the scene presents a scene of overwhelming production.

It is understood that Guizhou Boda Packing Co., Ltd. is invested and constructed by China Plastics Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 40.052 million yuan, a fixed assets investment of 277.22 million yuan, and an area of 282 acres. The company mainly produces cement packaging bags, bottom-bottom valve bottom paste bags, tons of bags, fertilizer bags, feed bags and all kinds of packaging bags, all completed and put into production after the annual output reached 900 million, is the country's top woven bag production base .

“Our workers are mainly located in the surrounding areas. This year, our employees returned to the factory on February 22 (July 7) and officially started work on the 23rd. More than 300 people are currently in place, and the rate of return to the factory is over 95%. Will return one after another.” Zhao Bo, Guizhou Boda Packaging Co., Ltd. said.

Zhao Yu introduced that the company's first phase project was completed and put into operation in August 2016. It has two most advanced large wire drawing machines, 172 circular looms, two high speed laminators, five 8-color automatic presses, and high speed. 21 full-automatic edge-blending machines and plans to introduce 3 sets of imported full-stitch valve bag making equipment from Austria (annual output of 300 million pieces), imported intelligent laminating machine, and 2 high-speed satellite intelligent color printing machines; equipped with Equipment and instruments A complete laboratory has melt testing equipment, color separation equipment, tensile testing machines, drop testing machines, and whiteness measuring instruments.

At present, the company has a stable customer, product market, including the surrounding provinces and cities and across the country, mainly in Southwest China Cement, Lafarge Cement Southwest headquarters, Taiwan mud cement, Jidong cement, Haolong cement, Chaoyu cement, Rongsheng cement , Guizhou Mingda Cement, etc., and has been highly praised and recognized by our customers.

"In 2018, we have increased a number of cooperative units and the production volume will continue to increase. From April onwards, 20 million bags will be added, and the production volume will be double that of the previous period. It is imminent to speed up production and step up production." .

It is understood that in order to allow enterprises entering the park to resume production after the holiday to start a good start and take a good start and achieve a “good start”, the Puding Economic Development Zone Administrative Committee actively organizes staff to actively visit industrial enterprises and help solve the production process The difficulties are to encourage enterprises to arrange early resumption of production and provide a solid guarantee for normal production operations after the Spring Festival.

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