Organic Waste Gas Discharged Directly To The Atmosphere

- May 27, 2018-

Organic waste gas discharged directly to the atmosphere

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Recently, the Fangshan District Environmental Protection Bureau of Beijing issued a decision on the administrative penalty of building environmental protection legislation [2018] No.19. Beijing Mingyuan Hengsheng Printing Co., Ltd. was directly discharged into the atmosphere due to volatile organic waste gas and was polluted by the Fangshan Environmental Protection Agency. Set aside a penalty, the amount to be punished is 50,000 yuan.

After investigation, Beijing Mingyuan Hengsheng Printing Co., Ltd. is located at No.2, No.2 Leyi Road, Liangxiang Town, Fangshan District, Beijing. It is mainly engaged in the printing of publications, printing of packaging and decoration products. On the spot inspection on January 19, 2018, it was found that the VOCs processing facilities were not installed in the coder, folder-gluer, laminator, and coater of the unit's production workshop.

Beijing Fangshan Environmental Protection Bureau ordered the unit to stop and correct the illegal activities. At present, the company's coders, gluing machines, laminators, and glossing machines have ceased to be used, and signed purchase contracts for waste gas treatment facilities, which are in the process of rectification.

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