Newsprint Encounters “paper Shortage” Xu Jingen Proposes To Strengthen The Security Of Newsprint Supply 2

- May 27, 2018-

Newsprint encounters “paper shortage” Xu Jingen proposes to strengthen the security of newsprint supply 2

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Newspaper publishing is a long-term success for the country

Newsprint plays a decisive role in the production of newspapers. The status quo in the newsprint market not only brings about an increase in the cost of newspapers, but also increases the supply of newsprint. It will also have a serious impact on the safety of news publishing. If you do not pay attention and correct response, the consequences can be disastrous.

Newsprint is not an ordinary commodity. It is an important strategic material and newsprint production and supply of the country. It ensures the security of newspapers, especially the publication of the party newspaper. It is related to the country’s long-term stability and social stability and solidarity. It is relevant to the long-term governance of the Communist Party of China. In any case, we must also ensure that the newspaper industry In particular, the supply of news newspapers in the party newspapers is stable. Hu Huaifu, secretary general of the China Press Association, who worked in the People's Daily in 1991, said that for a long time, newsprint was a special commodity and the country had a strategic reserve. Newsprint stored in the paper library of the People’s Daily had used it for two or three years.

The party newspaper has distinctive political attributes. It is praised as the "accordion hammer" and the "ballast stone". It plays an important role in cultivating the sea and the mainstay of the pillars. It is a public opinion position and an important starting point for consolidating the governing status of the Chinese Communist Party. On February 19, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the party’s press media conference that “the party’s news public opinion work is an important part of the party’s work and is a major event for governing the country, governing the country, and establishing the country” and “doing a good job” The party’s press media work is related to the banner and the road. It is related to the implementation of the party’s theory and line guidelines and policies. It is related to the smooth promotion of the party’s and the country’s various undertakings, and it is related to the cohesion and centripetal force of the entire party and people of all nationalities. It is related to the party. And the destiny of the country's future."

If the party newspaper fails to publish properly, it will inevitably bring about serious political consequences. Imagine a large country with a population of 1.4 billion. If the People's Daily, which is the organ of the Central People's Government, ceases publication due to lack of paper, how much social shock will it cause in the country? ! How much adverse impact will it have on the international community? ! If the "Liberation Army Daily" ceased publishing due to lack of paper, how much impact would it cause in the hearts of the entire army? ! It will inevitably directly affect the combat effectiveness of the entire military and shake the country's national defense forces!

At present, there is such a point: Now that we have entered the digital age, new media are increasingly developed, there are numerous channels for understanding information, fewer and fewer people read the newspapers, and newspapers will eventually die out. There is no need to keep them in the balance and invest too much money in newspapers. This is a misunderstanding. From a historical point of view, reading “paper books” is a habit that humans have formed over thousands of years. This kind of reading habit has become a human genetic gene and will not be easily lost. From a realistic point of view, look no further than the surface of new media, but it is not very A good profit model is still in the “burning money” stage. The main source of newspaper income is still newspaper distribution, advertising, and business activities. In the long run, with the advancement of science and technology, electronic products are changing with each passing day, and the frequency of elimination is increasing. “Seeing it Starting from Zhulou, seeing him entertain guests and seeing him fall down from the building, the period of each leading position is getting shorter and shorter. The rise of the portal site for more than two decades, but now it has fallen into the "traditional media" ranks, is an example. Do not look at the client's current adrenaline, can predict, when it was eliminated one day, the newspaper is still tenacious. Therefore, we should not blindly sing newspapers, and we must support the paper media in the development of integration.

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