Hubei Newspaper Association Discusses Press Printing Innovation Strategy

- May 25, 2018-

Hubei Newspaper Association Discusses Press Printing Innovation Strategy

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         How will the impact of digital and all media on the newspaper industry be spread? On April 20, the Provincial Newspaper Association held a seminar in the Honghu Lake in conjunction with the Yangtze River Chongwen International Cultural Exchange Company and Hubei Printing Network to discuss the full media and Under the digital background, news printing industry development trend and innovation strategy.

Experts at the meeting believe that readers of newspapers are constantly shifting to interactive and instant new media, such as the Internet and mobile phones. Press business is facing unprecedented pressure. In addition to equipment upgrading and upgrading of industrial technologies, newspaper printing companies must implement digital printing and digital printing in the printing industry. At the same time, they must transform their business operations into diversified businesses, extend service content, and provide more value-added services.


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