Fukuyama News News Printed Approval Of Key Cultural Enterprises In Shandong

- May 25, 2018-

Fukuyama News News Printed Approval of Key Cultural Enterprises in Shandong

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Jiaodong Online April 13 (communicator Liu Yang) A few days ago, Yantai Fushan News Express Printing Co., Ltd. was awarded as a key cultural enterprise in Shandong, and Baojie Cultural and Creative Industrial Park was awarded the Model Demonstration Park of the Provincial Service Industry Development Promotion Association.

The approval of key cultural enterprises and the awarding of demonstration parks are not only a high degree of recognition for the development of enterprises, but also a powerful impetus for the development of cultural parks. At present, the development and construction of the park is progressing smoothly. Shandong High-end Technology and Engineering Research Institute plans to set up a branch in the park. The two parties will jointly develop and promote the LELP technology and application of luminescent materials, and they are completing the inspection and demonstration work of product production and marketing promotion. Yantai Baojie Culture & Creative Industry Co., Ltd., established in cooperation with Shenzhen Wanli Pengcheng Culture & Creative Group Co., Ltd., will soon enter the park. The extensive cooperation and in-depth integration between the park, research institutes and advanced enterprises will further promote the faster and better development of the cultural and creative industries in Fushan District.

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