How To Grasp The Development Rhythm Of Printing And Packaging Industry In 2018?

- May 03, 2018-

How to grasp the development rhythm of printing and packaging industry in 2018?

The rectification of the key environmental protection work "Look back"

In 2017, the noise-plagued environmental supervision work did not stop its pace in 2018. In 2018, the industry will further promote environmental protection inspections, and carry out the first round of central environmental protection inspection reforms to “look back”. In response to the key areas of pollution prevention and control, we organize and carry out special inspections for mobile and acupuncture points. At the same time, we will promote the institutionalization of environmental protection supervision, carry out provincial environmental protection inspections in an all-round way, and basically achieve full coverage of the city’s supervision. It can be said that the trend of inspections is even worse than that of the previous year. To attract the attention of the entire industry, in 2018, environmental protection work will remain the top priority for national and industry work and deployment. It is also an important task for the development of the printing and packaging industry.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will focus on verifying papermaking companies

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Key Industrial Work Energy Conservation Monitoring Plan for 2018”. According to the report, in 2018, special inspections will be conducted on key high-energy-consuming industries, key energy-using equipment, and ladder prices. Among them, we will focus on checking the implementation of the energy consumption quota standards for key energy-using enterprises in the petrochemical, chemical, and papermaking industries in 2017, and implement energy-saving monitoring on the full-scale industrial coverage of more than 3,000 paper-making enterprises. The printing and packaging industry also needs to pay attention!

Manufacturing tax cuts will become the focus of this year

In the year when structural reform on the supply side continues to advance in depth, tax reductions and fees reduction will undoubtedly remain an important link in "cost reduction." From the central government to local governments, a new round of specific measures to reduce taxes and fees has already been brewed. Recently, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments jointly issued notices on the suspension of the administrative charges for sewage charges and other charges, which triggered the "first shot" of reducing taxes and fees this year. On April 1 of this year, the environmental protection tax has already met the first time of the expiry, and how effective it is is yet to be understood. However, the reduction in cost expenditure is believed to be positive. The tax cuts for the manufacturing industry this year need to continue to pay attention.

Specialized plans for increasing income of key groups or one after another

From the World Skills Contest, Chinese contestants were fully loaded and returned to Shanghai to obtain the right to host the next World Skills Competition and then to the two sessions. Representatives gave their voices to professional skills and technical talents. At one time, the training of skilled personnel was pushed to a new height. Actively introduce relevant policies to encourage the construction of talents in the industry and the introduction of advanced technical personnel. Recently, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Improving the Treatment of Technical Workers," and issued a notice requesting all localities and departments to implement it in accordance with actual conditions. It is not difficult to see that the cultivation of technical talents will become another key task for the development of various industries this year. The printing industry has been exploring the way for the cultivation of technical talents for many years. Combining the issuance of the Opinions, it is conceivable that the talent training in the printing industry will be A new breakthrough will be ushered in, and the building of a skilled talent team will also be just around the corner.

Intelligentization into a key project for the development of the printing industry

In 2017, the scale of China's artificial intelligence core industry exceeds 70 billion yuan. With the introduction of national plans, the construction of artificial intelligence around the country will gradually start. It is estimated that by 2020, the scale of China's artificial intelligence core industry will exceed 160 billion yuan, and the growth rate will reach 26.2. %, the development momentum is particularly strong. Not only that, artificial intelligence has penetrated into all walks of life, and the printing industry is no exception. After going through the process of automation and digitization, the printing and packaging industry ushered in the 2018 year of intelligent development. More and more companies are accelerating the transformation in the field of intelligence. For example, the Beiren Group and the introduction of intelligent factories have made people see the charm of modern printing factories. Followed by the wave of printing companies to open the road of intelligent factory transformation, I believe that this direction will be the industry's development this year, a major project.

Corrugated packaging or into the industry development of important outlet

How big is this “cake” in the corrugated packaging market? The latest Smithers Pyla study pointed out that by 2023, the global corrugated paper packaging market will increase to nearly 383 billion US dollars (270 billion pounds). Companies that are still developing in the traditional printing and packaging market may wish to explore in this area!

Although in the past year, the printing industry experienced many challenges such as the price increase of raw materials and environmental protection, the industry has shown signs of recovery. As the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of the Nineteenth Congress and the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening up, in 2018, the industry will also face numerous opportunities and challenges, seize the key points, and make the best planning and layout for the development of the industry.

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