CPPCC Members Called For The Rapid Establishment Of Take-out Packaging Standards For Plastic Pollution Control

- May 24, 2018-

CPPCC members called for the rapid establishment of take-out packaging standards for plastic pollution control

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Reporter Investigation"


Move your fingers and go home. Nowadays, the rapid growth of the online take-away industry has greatly facilitated people's food intake and filled the people's stomach, but it has, to some extent, created more plastic waste products. Just as the two sessions of the country were convened, many representatives of the committee were very concerned about the disposal of garbage. Yesterday, the citizens once called the newspaper column “People Asking for Government” to discuss the problem of takeaway garbage.


Mr. Jia, a foreign-Chinese university student who lives in Hankou Gutian, is an office worker and a loyal supporter of take-out. Due to busy work, he often missed meal times and takeaways became the best choice. Sometimes the three meals a day were taken away.


Mr. Jia said that he did not care before. This time he saw from the news that there was a take-out of rubbish. He realized that the point of delivery every day would leave behind a pile of rubbish. Thinking about it, one year, he used an amazing amount of plastic packaging.


Mr. Qi, a citizen, runs a Northeastern restaurant in Xudong. He explained that Chinese food is mostly oily and rich in soup. Paper tableware is prone to soaking and deforming. Plus, takeaways are sent by takeaways at one time. They are easily squeezed to cause leakage, causing dissatisfaction among users. Plastic packaging is generally used. Another important reason is that compared with paper cutlery, plastic cutlery costs about half lower. Reporter Sun Xiaotian


Committee Voice ""


How hot is the take-out? Last year, according to data released by three well-known Internet delivery platforms in China, the nation’s daily orders for the three take-out platforms were about 20 million yuan. Some environmental protection organizations analyzed 100 orders for take-out orders. On average, each takeaway would consume 3.27 disposable plastic lunch boxes/cups. This means that at present, more than 60 million plastic lunch boxes are used every day on the Chinese Internet ordering platform.


The reporter learned that plastic bags, plastic tableware, and plastic outer packaging used for food delivery are all plastic garbage. The main components are polyethylene and polypropylene, all of which are non-degradable ordinary plastics.


“The takeaway industry has now become a big industry.” Gong Shengsheng, member of the Suzeo National CPPCC Committee, suggested that the government should formulate the packaging standards for the take-away catering industry as soon as possible. If the take-away packaging fails to meet the standards, a certain environmental cost should be levied, and the take-out company should be supervised. Individuals choose environmentally friendly and clean take-away packaging to reduce damage to the environment.


In addition, Wang Honghong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, suggested that legislation on the recycling of take-out packaging should be promoted as soon as possible, and that enterprises that produce and use packaging should all be given certain responsibilities. According to their production volume and usage, they must pay a certain amount of funds. Funds are used for recycling of packaging.

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