College Students Open Up A Shared Print Market Economy

- May 24, 2018-

College Students Open up a Shared Print Market Economy

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As shared products such as shared bicycles, shared charging treasures, and shared umbrellas have entered the public life one after another, a new economic model, the sharing economy, has emerged. This has provided new opportunities for the development of the industry and the road to entrepreneurship for college students. Ideas. In this context, "share + print" came into being.


On January 20, the reporter was invited to participate in the "New Printing" new product release and A round of financing thanks. At the meeting, the reporter learned that this pioneering team formed by a group of university graduates through the policy of retaining talent in Wuhan, after three years of research and development, innovation, and practice, has opened up its own shared printing position in colleges and universities in the field of shared printing. At present, the newly-printed intelligent cloud printing terminal has been put in 500 schools in 110 schools in China, and more than 400 universities and colleges have completed the signing of the contract, and at the end of December 2017, they have obtained tens of millions of round A financing. One hundred million yuan. The new products released at the conference were "cloud-typesetting" self-service typesetting printing systems developed specifically for white-collar offices and college student paper layouts. New products are expected to go online in March this year.


According to the founder and CEO of the New Printing Institute and the graduate student Qian Lang of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the new printing phase of the self-help cloud printing platform was based on the investigation of the campus printing dilemma. It relied on smart phones to transfer documents. After uploading to the cloud platform, a two-dimensional code is automatically generated, and then the two-dimensional code can be printed by scanning the two-dimensional code at a nearby new intelligent cloud printing terminal. The print range includes photos, documents, tickets, transcripts, train tickets and other forms.


"Internet Plus" has infiltrated our lives, but the field of campus printing has not been dug deep. The new printing phase has created an O2O cloud printing platform that allows students to upload and print files anytime, anywhere, without the limitations of the traditional printing industry in terms of space and time. It is reported that the new printing phase is not limited to the campus area. Since the beginning of last year, it has expanded its service areas to the government affairs hall, convenience store, community, and scenic spots. Up to now, terminal equipment has been put in scenic spots such as Wuhan East Lake Green Road, Jiufengshan Zoo, and Provincial Museum.


The retention policy is an important part of last year's “One Million College Student Staying in China” employment and employment plan in Wuhan. Its purpose is to broaden Wuhan’s skills and talents growth channel, expand Wuhan’s high-skilled talent team, and attract highly skilled foreign talents to stay in Han. While Wuhan's economy is developing at a high speed, it is necessary to use talent retention policies to return talents and return knowledge, and to seek a group of high-skilled personnel as a pillar to lay a solid foundation for the rejuvenation of Wuhan. This policy responds to the call of the country's "mass entrepreneurship, innovation," and reflects the support of the Wuhan municipal party committee and government for Chinese entrepreneurs who stay in the country, but also for the graduates who are struggling on the unfair road of entrepreneurship. Undoubtedly a timely and timely rain.

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