Facebook Fights Fake News Three Steps: Will Put Print Advertising

- May 25, 2018-

Facebook fights fake news three steps: will put print advertising

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Sina Technology News Beijing time on May 24 afternoon news, Facebook announced on Wednesday that the company will launch three new projects to continue to fight fake news.

The first project is a news literacy program that teaches people how to identify fake news and gives people information about how Facebook fights this issue. This information will appear at the top of the News Feed and in print ads. It will first be promoted to the United States and will be promoted to other countries in the next few months.

Facebook will also recruit researchers to explore the amount and impact of false information on the platform. The company will also provide funding for researchers and allow them to use "privacy-protected data sets."

Finally, Facebook also launched a short film titled "Facing the Facts," which allowed the outside world to understand how the company counters fake news.

The world’s largest social network has been criticized for false news and false information. Some people even believe that Trump’s election as president of the United States is also relevant. The company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, initially thought the statement was "crazy," but he later shared plans to deal with fake news. Zuckerberg said in January this year that he will be working on fixing Facebook this year.

Although the decision to place print ads seemed to be an unexpected move for an online platform, Facebook had previously taken such measures. The company posted a full-page advertisement in newspapers in the United States and the United Kingdom in March this year and apologized for the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal. The incident caused 87 million Facebook user data to be improperly shared with the political consulting company.

Last month, Facebook also launched a television advertisement called Facebook Here Together, which was broadcast after Zuckerberg attended the US Congress hearing. This advertisement assures users that Facebook will take more measures to protect their data security and privacy. Other companies, including Uber, have also used TV commercials to apologize to users.

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