Zhang Meiyun: Developing Paper Stronger Than Steel

- Apr 23, 2018-

Zhang Meiyun: Developing "Paper" Stronger Than Steel

In China, no one did not know Cai Lun when he mentioned papermaking; at Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, no one knew Zhang Meiyun when he mentioned papermaking. The paper she made is a kind of rare "specialty paper". There is a kind of "special paper" applied to major engineering fields such as aerospace and rail transportation in our country. It is stronger than ordinary steel, lighter in weight, and more insulating. With the characteristics of good quality and high temperature resistance, its successful development has broken through the world's problems, breaking the monopoly of international technology and reversing the situation of China's long-term control over such materials.

In January 2018, Zhang Meiyun as the first person to complete the project "key technology and application of high-performance fiber-based paper-based functional materials common" won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress.

The three-foot podium is meticulously crafted to create the national first-class specialty

Zhang Meiyun, as the name suggests, is warm and beautiful. Even now, when she is the grandmother's age, she is still the old “goddess” in everyone’s eyes. Born in Yanan, Shaanxi Province in September 1957, Zhang Meiyun was the first university student after the college entrance examination. In February 1978, she was admitted to the papermaking specialty of Northwest Institute of Light Industry (later renamed Shaanxi University of Science and Technology).

In 1982, when Zhang Meiyun graduated, many talents were urgently needed in all walks of life in China, especially in the field of science and technology. At that time, college students were all assigned by the state. According to the conditions at that time, she could be allocated to major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. However, in the face of the retention of her alma mater's leadership, coupled with her love of papermaking, she chose to stay in school to teach.

In the 1990s, influenced by the tide of the market economy, many teachers were not willing to go out of poverty or loneliness. They chose to go abroad or go to sea. Zhang Meiyun also hesitated. What impressed her most was that in 1998, a Sino-foreign joint venture company hired her as the director of the R&D center with hundreds of thousands of annual salaries. She thought that she was still relatively impoverished for more than ten years of teaching. She was somewhat impressed, but she also thought that the school leaders were right for themselves. Confidence and trust, as well as the group of students who are eager for talents, she did not want to live up to the expectations. She also felt reluctant to stay in school until now.

She focused on her teaching and focused on the core content of the principle and principle of “papermaking principle and engineering”. The content of the core curriculum was wide-ranging. The system integrated and optimized the teaching content, boldly removed outdated and outdated teaching content, and timely reflected the latest papermaking technology. The contents of the scientific and technological achievements have stimulated students' interest in learning and enhanced the attraction of the course. The national professional planning textbooks, such as "Processed Paper and Specialty Paper," edited and edited by her, are not only the earliest monographs of specialty paper in China, but also have been widely used as teaching materials of national light industry colleges and universities and have been well received.

At the same time, Zhang Meiyun actively reformed and explored teaching methods. Through her and the team's efforts, “Papermaking Principle and Engineering” has become a provincial-level exquisite course. Lightweight engineering has become the first batch of brand-name professionals in Shaanxi Province, and has also been rated as a national class. A type of specialty. The project “Building and practicing the model of teaching-oriented local colleges and universities’ innovative education” presided over by the project won the second prize of national teaching achievement and the first prize of Shaanxi teaching achievement.

Combining production, education, and research to solve production practice problems

“The value of science should be reflected in production practice. Scientists and technicians should step out of the campus, integrate into the society, solve problems in production practice, and make more contributions to economic development.” This is Zhang Meiyun’s scientific research concept.

She insisted on the combination of production, education and research to actively solve production technology problems, especially in the production of high-performance specialty papers, and the high value of non-polluting straw. Some scientific research achievements have reached the international advanced level, and some products have realized the reuse of discarded resources.

Zhang Meiyun always pays attention to scientific research and technology promotion. She strives to conduct in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutions and enterprises, and timely converts science and technology into productivity. At present, many scientific research achievements completed by her have been successfully transformed. Among them, the new high-end fruit-growing bag paper technology has not only filled the domestic gap, but has also been widely promoted in Shaanxi, Hebei, Shanxi and other places, further promoting the widespread use of bagging technology in China, and has a positive effect on improving the quality of apples in China. Significant economic benefits have been achieved.

For “workaholic” Zhang Meiyun, working overtime is a common practice. Working long hours at a young age made her suffer from severe lumbar spondylosis. For a period of time, it would be difficult to get up straight after bending down and it would take someone else's help to complete it. One day in 2002, she had suddenly suffered a blindness in her right eye for several days and nights. She was diagnosed with an obstruction of the central retinal artery by the hospital. After 2 months of treatment, Zhang Meiyun, who has not yet fully improved his condition, hurried into research work despite dissuasions from doctors and family members.

Zhang Meiyun’s achievements have been widely recognized and her efforts are more obvious to all. In 2012, the organization plans to promote her as a university principal. When asked for her opinion, she declined. A 985 college in Guangzhou hired her as a director of the National Key Laboratory. She was reluctant to leave his alma mater and declined again. In this regard, many people do not understand, some people laugh at her stupid, some people say she "no brains."

“Shaanxi is my root. My alma mater is my home. Papermaking is my love. I want to establish my foothold in my alma mater, take root in science and research, and devote all of my work to papermaking!” That's her answer.

As the leading figure in China's specialty paper field, Zhang Meiyun, who has a doctoral tutor, vice chairman of the China Paper Association, and top talents in key areas in Shaanxi Province, is low-profile like an “invisible person” in life, so that reporters are on the Internet. Very few searched for her news reports. In this regard, Zhang Meiyun explained: “Anyone who engages in scientific research must endure the loneliness, endure the temptation, and stay destitute, as well as Huang Dainian. They must also be indifferent to fame and fortune and be low-key and pragmatic.”

A single flower is not spring, strive to cultivate more "Cai Lun"

In May 2015, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, where Zhang Meiyun was located, became a pilot unit for the reform of the tenure system for leading cadres of colleges and universities. At this time, she was already an assistant principal and she was doing a good job. Suddenly she was relieved of administrative duties. This may be a cold water for many people. However, Zhang Meiyun accepted the organizational arrangement happily. "This can be done with more focus on scientific research."

Zhang Meiyun, like a student, took his bag and walked into the classroom to "charge" and soaked in the lab and library. In September 2015, she won the second “Cai Lun Technology Award of China”. In June 2016, she was named "National Outstanding Scientific and Technical Worker"; in December, she was awarded the first prize for technical invention by the Ministry of Education. In just over two years, a lot of honors followed.

In particular, in 2017, Zhang Meiyun and her team won four national-level landmark achievements and achieved a number of zero breakthroughs for Shaanxi University of Science and Technology: She presided over the preparation technology and application of a high performance specialty paper and won the “National The second prize for scientific and technological progress; he himself became the chief scientist of the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" key R&D plan, and won the national million person plan teacher; the team led by Zhang Meiyun was selected as the first batch of "national university Huangdian teacher team".

A single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers bloom spring garden. In order to cultivate more highly qualified papermaking talents, Zhang Meiyun has introduced outstanding students from relevant universities and colleges such as Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, and Northwestern Polytechnical University. It has established a high-level scientific research team and passed new and professional Complementary and other ways to focus on improving the ability of scientific and technological innovation. She has trained a group of scientific research personnel who have played an important role in teaching and scientific research work. Among them, 4 were promoted to associate professors, 3 were promoted to professors, 8 were chaired by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 3 were awarded Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology respectively. Leading innovation talents, new technology stars, and China Paper Cai Lun Youth Science and Technology Award.

On January 8, 2018, at the National Science and Technology Award Conference, Zhang Meiyun’s team won the “Second Prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award” and was received by the General Secretary Xi Jinping. For her, this is the glory of her life.

“Three feet of knowledge spread on the podium and the light is dizzyingly focused on scientific research. Dare to climb the peak before the world's problems. After a thin body, there is a special feeling.” From the beginning of the university to contact the papermaking profession, to the development of high performance for rail transit and aerospace. Specialty paper, Zhang Meiyun's insistence is 40 years. Forty years of her adherence, she has made tremendous contributions to the development of China's specialty paper field in ordinary teaching and scientific research positions, and is a well-deserved “contemporary Cai Lun”.

The most valuable youth and the most beautiful Fanghua are all reserved to the papermaking industry. Zhang Meiyun told reporters that in the future she will, as always, stick to the field of papermaking and strive to cultivate more “Cai Lun” for China's specialty paper industry. Make greater contributions to development.

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