The Rapid Growth Of The Packaging And Printing Industry, The Market Size Of The Advertising Store Has Steadily Increased

- May 08, 2018-

The production value of packaging and printing industry is increasing rapidly, and the market scale of advertising shop is steadily improved "Press media information" Today society has developed to all goods need to be packaged, where the packaging needs to be printed. Printing is one of the most important decoration processing means of product packaging, printing plays a role in conveying information, promoting the introduction of products, high-quality packaging printing to attract consumers eye, conduction product quality information, thereby promoting product sales. At the same time, the technical complexity of packaging printing is conducive to consumers to identify authenticity, plays an important role in anti-counterfeiting products.

Because of the increasing importance of packaging and printing in the process of realizing the value of products, packaging printing scheme design, packaging material selection, technology route, equipment selection and other development into a complex industrial chain, packaging and printing market scale has steadily improved. Since the 1980s, China's packaging industry has experienced a 40-year high growth period, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics: 2015, China's packaging industry enterprises above the scale (annual business income of 20 million yuan and all industrial corporate enterprises) Cumulative total business income of 1,136,548,000,000 Yuan, has a trillion market scale, become the world's largest packaging.

From the packaging and printing subdivision field, social demand, scientific and technological content is increasing, the value of rapid growth. According to the prospective Industry research institute "China Packaging Industry market forward-looking and investment strategic Planning Analysis Report" data show that China's packaging and printing industry sales revenue since 2009 has been increasing year by month.

2014 China's packaging and printing industry sales revenue exceeded 260 billion yuan. In recent years, thanks to China's economic development, the improvement of people's living standards, as well as the packaging and printing quality and technology more and more high requirements, packaging printing in a few years quickly become a hot spot in the printing market, packaging and printing market share is far ahead of publication printing. Packaging and printing industry is very strong, the product needs to be packaged, thus becoming a faster growth of the industry, and electronic Regulatory code technology as the packaging and printing field of the emerging forces also give its huge market space. Rapid growth and huge development space, prompting more and more enterprises to join in the field of packaging and printing.

China's packaging and decoration printing output value to maintain rapid growth, accounting for the overall printing output value of the proportion of steady increase. Packaging and printing industry as an important middle-midstream industry, its industrial competition intensifies the pattern is very obvious. From the development of industry in recent years, China's packaging and printing industry has formed a trillion market scale. Over the past decade, China's packaging industry output value from 2002 to more than 250 billion yuan, to 2009 breakthrough 1 trillion yuan, more than Japan, become the world's second largest packaging country after the United States.

In 2016, the gross output value of domestic packaging industry was nearly 2 trillion yuan, and the packaging industry had become an important industry with great influence on economic and social development. With the rapid development of China's national economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the purchasing power and quality of life of urban and rural residents will continue to improve, thus driving the sustained and rapid growth of China's consumer goods market, and through the industrial chain conduction further promote the rapid development of China's packaging and printing industry. At present, China's economy is in the transition period, emerging industries such as E-commerce, express logistics, electronic communications and other industries to become the national economic growth point, in this drive, the specific areas of packaging printing shows a rapid development momentum.

Overall, China's packaging and printing industry market demand will continue to maintain a steady and rapid growth in the development momentum, and high-end packaging printing market demand will be further increased. With the increasing diversification of consumer demand, large packaging and fine packaging and printing will become the preferred consumer goods production enterprises, at the same time the lower market concentration to the paper packaging production Enterprises also provide adequate space for development and opportunities, the advantages of enterprises to seize the era of development, expand their own market size, will grow into the future of the industry giants.

And from the overall size, the 2014 China's packaging industry output value of more than 1.4 trillion, at present China's packaging and printing industry capacity is huge, with ample internet space. From the packaging of new fields and technologies, cloud printing and internet packaging are becoming an important direction for the reform of packaging and printing industry, which effectively solves the outstanding contradictions in the packaging industry. The Internet packaging will link the main body of the industrial chain to the same platform, information, large data, intelligent production will greatly improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, to provide customers with fast and convenient, low-cost, high-quality Integrated services. But at the same time, the impact of online advertising is also very obvious.

The Internet of packaging and printing industry will make great changes, industry integration is ushering in new strength. The guidance on speeding up the transformation and development of China's packaging industry, issued by the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Commerce, puts forward that the growth rate of the packaging industries should be synchronized with that of national economy, and the scale of industrial development should be compatible with supporting services

By 2020, the annual business of packaging industry revenue reached 2.5 trillion yuan, forming more than 15 annual output value of more than 5 billion enterprises or groups, listed companies and High-tech enterprises to increase significantly, and actively cultivate the packaging industry features prominent new model of industrial industry demonstration base, forming a group of well-known brands with strong influence.

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