Special Label Label Digital Printing

- May 29, 2018-

Special label label digital printing

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The current high-speed inkjet printing technology has a certain gap between quality and traditional offset printing. In the foreign direct billing market where high-speed inkjet printing is widely used, the development in China is not smooth. At present, the application of high-speed inkjet printing technology mainly focuses on the publishing field. However, we believe that the application of high-speed inkjet printing in the publishing industry is currently confined to short-run printing. It does not really reflect the advantages of digital printing. Only by integrating sales channels into the supply chain can we truly achieve " First sell after printing, to achieve on-demand printing.

For example, Rotomail, the world's leading print-on-demand printing, uses high-speed inkjet printing to produce a single book with different volumes and different papers on a production line, which can process 10,000 orders per day. In addition, because domestic newspapers have experienced a significant decline in print volume, they can also make full use of the advantages of digital printing to launch more newspapers targeted at niche audiences, or newspapers classified according to geographical areas. There are also many foreign successful cases worth learning, such as Belgium Symeta, Italian CSQ and so on.

High-speed inkjet printing also has a certain potential for application in the field of packaging and printing. Due to the relatively low operating cost of high-speed inkjet printing, which is very suitable for digital printing of packaging cartons, existing equipment suppliers have launched specialized high-speed inkjet printing equipment for the packaging field, such as HP has released two single-sided corrugated inkjet printing. Equipment - HP PageWide Web Press T400S and HP PageWide Web Press T1100S, there are many customers in China are watching and surveying, I believe that will soon be heard from the successful installation and application.

However, at present, there are still many packaging companies that are unwilling to adopt digital printing methods. The main reasons include the high cost of equipment and consumables; the productivity of digital presses needs to be improved compared with traditional processes; they cannot fully meet the requirements of finishing and packaging. Specific features, etc. To address these aspects, Beiren Group proposed to install digital inkjet units on traditional packaging equipment, combining the advantages of traditional printing with cost and quality, and the advantages of digital printing with variable information to form new traditional printing and digital products with excellent cost performance. Printed one-piece mixed printing equipment to bring new profit growth points to users.

Label digital printing is a mature market with more competition. Due to the application of traceability labels promoted by national policies such as medicines and foods, digital printing has been widely used in this field. However, for most of the domestic label companies, the application of digital inkjet printing is mainly focused on the printing code. With the increasing demand for personalization and anti-counterfeiting information in the label market, digital inkjet printing will become an important means for individual companies to implement personalized, diversified and anti-counterfeit label printing.

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