Postpress Equipment Industry Has Gradually Become An Important Role In China's Manufacturing Industry

- May 29, 2018-

Postpress equipment industry has gradually become an important role in China's manufacturing industry

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The post-press equipment industry has gradually become an important role for China's manufacturing industry. According to statistics, the post-press equipment industry in China is currently maintaining rapid growth. China has become the world's largest producer and exporter of commodities, and it has all major post-impression equipment for the international community. For enterprises, China is already the largest and most promising market.

In recent years, China's post-press equipment has experienced slow development or even stagnation. From the analysis of the development of the entire industry and the market demand, although there are various kinds of post-press equipment, it is not only the current domestic market that has made a lot of efforts to build box-making machines, but also smoke. Wine box box making machine or luxury box box making machine and other models, all lack of innovative technology, old mechanical equipment, etc., restrict the development of domestic enterprises, in order to get rid of the status quo, the post-press equipment industry must With innovation, we have come out of a road of independent research and development of high-tech and production, which will become a major trend in domestic and post-press equipment.

At present, the overall technical level of post-press equipment developed by many companies is still far from being able to reach the international first-class level, and the manufacture of high-end equipment is not feasible. The demand for the market cannot be met, coupled with the incomplete development system in the industry, resulting in Domestic post-press equipment development is relatively backward. Due to technical deficiencies in domestic postpress equipment companies, many products and accessories have been imported from abroad, although this has greatly accelerated the pace of development of China's box making industry and brought China's post-print equipment industry and developed countries closer to the developed countries. The distance, but over-reliance on foreign high-end equipment and technology appears to have a negative impact on China's overall post-press equipment industry. Therefore, we should increase our ability to develop and independently innovate high-end technologies to achieve our goal of early departure. Depends on the condition of foreign technology.

If you want to prosper in the box making market, then the post-press equipment must have high flexibility and flexibility. In simple terms, it is humane. Due to the different needs of customers, at present, the production line must be able to change the size of the package within a certain size range. This is because the life cycle of the products in the market is much shorter than the service life of the equipment. When packaging, it is not necessary to replace the whole set of expensive box-making production lines in order to save money.

As a supporting industry in many areas of our country, post-press equipment has benefited greatly from the prosperity of other industries, and its technological progress and supporting services will also drive the development of other industries. Due to the proliferation of domestic and post-harvest equipment, various small and medium-sized enterprises have increased, resulting in the production of equipment that does not meet the standards in quality and performance. Zhongke Tiangong relies on its brand advantages and technology to precipitate its production and R&D equipment. On the contrary, as a smart, intelligent and innovative enterprise, it has always insisted on the core of technology research and development, and can improve quality while ensuring quality. It can be said that it is a technological innovation-type leader in the domestic post-press equipment industry.

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