Shanghai's Latest VOCs Local Standards Will Soon Be Released And Implemented

- May 08, 2018-

"Label Headlines" Shanghai's latest VOCs local standards will soon be released and implemented; Smart drug label launch; "Happy Tear" Carton was born

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  Shanghai's latest VOCs local standards will be released and implemented

  Recently, under the leading organization of Shanghai Environmental Science Research Institute, there are more than 10 experts from petrochemical industry, whole vehicle industry, ship manufacturing industry, container manufacturing industry and printing industry to participate in local standard "Shanghai municipal Volatile Organic Pollutants sewage unit emission coefficient set up a technical guide (for trial)" for comments. In order to implement the Law on Environmental protection of the People's Republic of China, the People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law, the Shanghai Municipal Air Pollution Prevention and control regulations, and other laws and regulations, improve the Shanghai municipal environment, promote the technical progress of industrial enterprises in Shanghai and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission reduction, improve

  This standard is proposed by the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau Total Quantity Department, the Shanghai Environmental Science Research Institute drafts the establishment, will release and carry out in 2018. According to local standards, sewage units can and should be set up from plant to plant to the source of the sewage coefficient, can be used for sewage permits, environmental statistics, sewage taxes, environmental impact assessment, to meet various management needs. According to the related documents synchronized with this standard, "Shanghai Municipal Sewage unit Volatile organic matter emission accounting method", VOCs actual emissions accounting methods are divided into the measurement method and the discharge coefficient method two kinds. The measured method and the original related laws, regulations and related methods are basically consistent.

The calculation formula of the printing effluent coefficient stipulated in the document is as follows:

  Source: Ciflexo Silk Ayrowin

  @ Label June

  For our blue sky and white clouds, all the relevant units have been working on the road ...


  Eink technology and Faubel to launch the smart drug label In late April, the global leading manufacturer of electronic paper, Eink, announced that Faubel and Co. NACHF, a renowned supplier of pharmaceutical and chemical industries worldwide. GmbH jointly launched the Faubel-medlabel Smart drug label designed for experimental new drugs.

  It is reported that the smart label using Eink low voltage electronic paper thin film technology, will display modules and new system design into drug packaging applications. It is understood that Medlabel smart drug labels combined with electronic paper display, book tags and RFID radio frequency identification technology, so that the drug packaging information can be updated according to demand. Eink's bistable Segment Code (segmented) electronic paper shows the validity period of the drug, even if the smart tag is sealed in the outer packaging, can also complete the update. This digital solution provides a new option for pharmaceutical companies to replace the labelling of labelled drugs in the case of a change in the safety period of clinical trials, significantly saving time and cost of international clinical trials.

  Innovate the supply chain of clinical trials.

  @ Label June The smart drug label is a breakthrough product, making it easier to manage experimental drugs in the clinical trial supply chain. Now there are more and more biotechnology products, the need for frequent updating of security data.

  And the Medlabel Smart drug label, in addition to both cost-effective and efficient, but also in line with the current and future drug norms.


  Avery Dennison new high-speed coating wiring in Kunshan production

  May 2, 2018, Global materials science Company, label and functional materials leading manufacturer Avery Dennison for its new water glue and hot melt adhesive high-speed coating wiring held a grand start celebration. The new high-speed coating wiring is located in Avery Dennison in Kunshan Production Park, after 18 months of construction and assembly, in November 2017 began operation. The investment includes 14,000 square meters of plant expansion and is equipped with specialized warehouse and slitting workshop.

  The production line integrates the most advanced processing technology of Avery Dennison, both water glue and hot melt adhesive coating function, relying on proximity to Shanghai's geographical advantages, its production will further enhance Avery Dennison in China's capacity and customer service capabilities. Georges Gravanis, president of Avery Dennison label and labeling Materials, said: "The production of high-speed coating wiring is another important milestone in the history of China's development, but also confirms our long-term commitment to the Chinese market." It will greatly promote us to continue to provide quality products and services to local customers in China. Avery Dennison will not only continue to lead and promote the continuous development of China's self-adhesive label industry, but also will practice sustainable management, and continue to achieve the Avery Dennison ' 2025 sustainable Development goals.

  Source: Avery Dennison

  @ Label June Kunshan Factory is the first factory Avery Dennison in China in 1994. With the development of Avery Dennison in the Chinese market, after years of investment and capacity upgrades, the factory now has a number of solvent, water and hot melt adhesive coating function of the production line, and obtained ISO9000, ISO14000, RoHS, FSC and Osas and other qualification certification.

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