Rizhao, Shandong: Accelerating The Transformation And Upgrading Of Pulp Printing Industry, Shaping New Competitive Advantages

- May 26, 2018-

Rizhao, Shandong: Accelerating the transformation and upgrading of pulp printing industry, shaping new competitive advantages

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In Rizhao, the city’s mobilization meeting for major new and old kinetic energy conversion projects has pointed out that it is necessary to carry out the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in line with the world-class standards, and develop a high-quality development path with good economic returns, low resource consumption, and low pollution emissions. Rizhao City further promoted the implementation of the pulp and paper printing industry transformation plan, led by the elimination of backward production capacity and high-tech project construction, and accelerated the transformation and upgrade of the pulp printing industry.

In the Asia-Pacific Simpang Shandong Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., the newly released pulp line dissolving pulp project that has just been put into operation has brought new technology off the assembly line, bringing about considerable market prospects for the company.

Since the completion and operation of the Asia Pacific Senbo Dissolving Slurry project, it has broken through the old road of expanding the development of a single wood pulp for many years. After the project is put into production, it can form an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons of dissolving pulp.

Xu Guangli, deputy general manager of public affairs and corporate development at APAC, said that environmental protection has continued to improve, including the odor double electro-oxygen transformation and the lagoon capping project. Most of them belong to the industry's original environmental protection initiatives. Through these initiatives Achieved continuous improvement on the basis of environmental protection leading in the pulp and paper industry. As of now, the investment in environmental protection of APAC has reached 4.3 billion yuan.

This year’s municipal government’s work report proposes to advance the Asia-Pacific Sembo dissolving pulp and other projects and to lengthen the pulp and paper packaging and printing industry chain. Rizhao City will speed up the pulp and paper packaging and printing industry to build chains, strong chains, and make up the chain to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

In Jinbao Packaging Co., Ltd. high-speed corrugated paper processing plant, Asia's first Agnadi high-speed intelligent corrugated cardboard production line in Italy has been installed, and related auxiliary facilities are being commissioned. After the operation is put into operation, it can produce 150 million square meters of micro-corrugated paper annually, with an additional production value of 200 million yuan.

Italian engineer Clauti said that the biggest advantage of the equipment is intelligence, the integrated control system is very convenient for the operator, and the intelligent operation greatly reduces the labor costs, and only two or three operators can complete the task. The entire line of operation.

Taking environmental protection as the premise, and eliminating backward production capacity and strengthening technological transformation as the axis, in 2017, 24 pulp and paper packaging and printing enterprises above designated size in Rizhao City achieved a total revenue of 11.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.3%. Paper packaging and printing project 3; 4 key pulp and paper projects completed investment of 2.042 billion yuan in the year, exceeding plans 602 million yuan. A number of key projects are progressing steadily as planned, accelerating the formation of a pulp and paper industry cluster with "strong heads, complementing dragons, and strong tail", laying a solid foundation for industrial transformation.

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