Paper Mill Prices Have A Big Impact On The Printing Industry

- May 26, 2018-

Paper mill prices have a big impact on the printing industry

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In early March, the reporter received information from six parties concerned about the price increase issued by the base paper companies. Henry Paper announced that the base paper will be increased by 200 yuan per ton on the basis of the current sales price from March 1. Anhui Zhongya Paper Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Zhongzhi Paper-Paper Co., Ltd. since March 1 sales of goods increased by 300 yuan per ton on the basis of the current price; Dezhou Fangyuan Paper Co., Ltd. since March 3 on the double plastic sheet paper In February, the price will increase by 200 yuan per ton, double-web roll-up by 100 yuan per ton, double-glue web by 782, 820, and other special specifications by 200 yuan per ton.

The paper mills’ price increase, with the brunt of them, has a great impact on the printing industry.

Newsprint rose to 6,000 yuan per ton

The company's production and operation face enormous difficulties

Many printing companies in the city told reporters recently that after the Spring Festival, the domestic papermaking industry has announced price increases for products. At present, more than 30 original paper mills have announced that they have raised their factory prices, and a new wave of raw paper prices has hit the market. The manufacturer's price increase letter shows that the base paper price increases range from approximately 200 to 300 yuan per ton.

There are quite a few companies in Panyu and many companies have high reputation in provinces and cities. The Newspaper Printing Center of the newspaper is a company that specializes in the printing of news newspapers and periodicals. In recent years, its production and operation have been plagued by the price rise of raw material newsprint. Lin Zhiliang, the manager of the center, said: “Prices of newsprint have continued to increase in recent years. The price of newsprint for the first year of 2017 was 4,000 yuan per ton, and there have been 6 price increases. By the end of the year, it has risen to 5,800 yuan per ton and is currently climbing to 6000 yuan per ton. Yuan, an average price increase of more than 300 yuan each, it is said that the next newsprint will also increase prices.The company's production and operation costs, due to the continuous increase in the price of newsprint increases, the original contract with the customer to follow the appropriate price increase in the market, Customers have expressed their disagreement with the price increase. As a result, the company’s production and operation have encountered unprecedented difficulties."

Relevant person in charge of a number of companies in the city told reporters that newsprint price increases have had a huge impact on the newspaper industry. Each time companies are engaged in operating under the pressure of newsprint price increases.

Paper mill prices have brought severe impact on other printing companies

Speaking of paper mill price hikes, senior industry professionals in the province, Mr. Liang, told reporters recently: “Actually, there are a lot of price hikes for paper mills in other provinces. From the perspective of the provincial situation, several paper mills in Shantou City were as early as February 28. The price of cardboard was raised daily, and the price increase rate was at RMB 200 per ton. If we want to continue to say that as early as before the Spring Festival, the domestic paper giant Nine Dragons Paper has become the first to increase the price of this year's industry. The price information is still in the aggregate and it is conservatively estimated that there are currently more than 30 papermaking companies that have announced price increases. It is worth observing if there are any manufacturers to follow up.”

Mr. Cheng, a professional market analyst, believes that like the related industries, the country has recently stepped up efforts to renovate environmental protection. Many small, backward paper mills operating at a low cost have already been eliminated, and the surviving rules and regulations of paper enterprises face the impact of the purchase cost of raw materials. Product price increase is an effective way for these companies to get rid of temporary difficulties.

“Opening up the price information of mills in 2018, I have counted more than 10 at a glance. The single company announced the price increase on January 9th. In addition to Nine Dragons Paper, there are nearly 10 companies in Dongguan. The prices of waste paper from paper mills have been raised, and the increase rate is 80-100 yuan/ton, and the individual paper mills have increased their prices by as much as 150 yuan/ton or more, resulting in a complete shutdown of the production line of many packing factories before the Spring Festival and an earlier holiday. Overdue, for these companies to leave in advance, it is not difficult for the employees to come home for the New Year to understand.” Mr. Yang, a professional market personage in the city, believes that the impact of the price increase on the paper mills will be self-evident. He recently received information from many printing companies.

Zhou, a person in charge of a printing company in the region, told reporters recently that enterprises that survive in the industrial upgrading environment are fortunate, but paper prices have risen, and corporate prints have not been able to increase prices at the same time, such as leaflets for promotional leaflets. Originally, profits have been very thin, and the current situation is in a dilemma: There are pressures for paper mills to increase prices in procurement, and there is limited space for compressed operating expenses. If the control is not good, the more the loss of production, the greater. "I and the shareholders have been worrying about controlling costs these days."

Mr. Wu, an executive director of another printing company in the city, believes that in the past few years, the price of paper mills has increased many times, and the impact on the printing industry and enterprises has become more apparent, and the cost burden has increased. The corporate board of directors had a basic judgment as early as two years ago. In the implementation of technological transformation projects, it took one step ahead of its peers, paid more attention to refinement in management, adopted more feasible measures in cost control, and thus basically resisted. Difficulties. More importantly, there have been some substantial results in the extension of the chain of related industries.

As for whether the price of household paper is going to follow suit, the reporter learned from a number of large-scale supermarkets and found that there is no increase in the prices of toilet paper, kitchen paper, and paper towels, but there are fewer special sales items for businesses.

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