Liaoning National Printing Industry Base: Four Parks Focus On Characteristic Development

- May 30, 2018-

Liaoning National Printing Industry Base: Four Parks Focus on Characteristic Development

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Recently, at the first National Press and Publication Industry Base (Park) Management Conference, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television released a list of 15 outstanding bases (parks), including the Liaoning National Printing Industry Base, Shanghai Jinshan National Green Creative Printing Demonstration Park, and Luzhou. Ji'an National Printing and Packaging Industrial Base and Xi'an National Printing and Packaging Industrial Base are among the four printing bases (parks).

At the end of 2013, Liaoning received an encouraging news: The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television officially approved the establishment of the Liaoning National Printing Industry Base, and at the same time approved the Shenfu New Town publishing and printing industry base as one of the parks.

In 2016, the development of the Liaoning National Printing Industry Base was recognized by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and won the title of Excellent Base for the 2016 National Press and Publication Industry Base (Park) Work. The Liaoning Press, Publication, Radio, and Television Bureau also received advanced units for industrial base management. Commendation.

Through more than three years of development, Liaoning has promoted the development of the printing industry in the province by vigorously developing the Liaoning National Printing Industry Base Project. By clarifying the direction, planning ahead, carrying out overall industrial layout, optimizing service performance, and strengthening the foundation, a prototype of the largest printing industry base in Northeast China and even in the country is gradually emerging.

Four big parks go hand in hand

Liaoning National Printing Industry Base is composed of Shenyang Park, Shenfu New City Park, Yingpan Park and Tanjung Park. The four big parks go hand in hand, with bright spots and complementary advantages, and a new path for the takeoff of the park.

Shenyang Park: Based on packaging and printing manufacturing

Shenyang Park is the largest packaging and printing industry base in Northeast China. It started construction in 2007. The total planning area of the park is 5 square kilometers. There are a total of 128 industrial production enterprises with a packaging printing industry in the park, and 73 enterprises above designated size achieved a total output value of 11.88 billion yuan.

In order to highlight the circular economy and green environmental protection as an important development direction, the Shenyang Park strives to build a production base for packaging and printing, with the collection and distribution of packaging and printing products as the leader, and logistics and distribution as the supporting raw material supply, machinery and parts supply chain. An integrated industrial cluster where the culture and packaging and decoration industries such as audio-visual, book newspapers and magazines are symbiotically developed. Its goal is to build a set of design and development, production and processing, testing and certification, display transactions, education and training in one, based in Shenyang, radiation northeast, serving the country's northeastern region's largest packaging and printing industry base.

Shenfu New City Park: organic integration of publishing ideas and printing

Shenfu New City Park covers an area of 9.34 square kilometers and focuses on the development of cultural publishing ideas, modern high-end printing and printing equipment manufacturing industries. By the end of 2016, there were 12 printing industry projects in the park, achieving a total output value of 100 million yuan.

The construction of the base covers two industrial parks: one is to publish a creative industrial park, and the other is a modern printing industrial park. The publishing and creative park plans to introduce 10 projects, of which 5 have already been completed and put into production. The modern printing industrial park has introduced 30 projects, of which 10 have been completed and put into operation. At the same time, build a public service platform for the press and publishing industry, improve the industrial chain, and form a publishing and printing industry system. The organic integration of the publishing and creative industrial park and the printing industry park will make this innovation sustainable, further deepen the reform of the publishing industry, and promote the Liaoning publishing industry to become bigger and stronger.

Yingpan Park: Relying on the leading position and industrial advantage

Yingpan Park covers an area of 166,000 square meters. By the end of 2016, it achieved a total output value of 180 million yuan. Different from other parks, the park mainly relies on the industry leading position and industrial advantages of Liaoning Hanzuo Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. and is a comprehensive set of printing equipment manufacturing, printing consumables, printing ancillary equipment, and printing and packaging. Industrial Park.

Tanjung Park consists of Dandong Green Printing Industrial Park and Benxi Hanren Printing Industrial Park. Dandong Green Printing Industrial Park takes Liaoning Zhongken New Jinwan Printing Technology Co., Ltd. as its main body, and produces and develops green and environmentally friendly nanoplate making machines as the main products. The park has a planned construction area of 10 square kilometers. We have completed the construction of a production line for nano-ink and nano-sheets and achieved mass production capacity. In 2016, we achieved a total output value of 230 million yuan. While strengthening its core equipment, the park continues to expand the downstream consumable products and related products of the industrial chain, forming an industrial chain with equipment as the core and auxiliary product consumables as auxiliary, and realizing industrial clusters.

The stone-paper project is a key project in the Benxi Park, and the project has reached a scale of production with a production value of 500 million yuan. Under the background of the State's encouragement to continuously accelerate the development of cultivation and the introduction of energy-saving and environmental protection industries, Taiwan Longmeng Group Technology Co., Ltd. uses the special calcite as the basic raw material to research, develop, produce, and sell new environmental protection materials. The stone paper products produced have the advantages of waterproofness, moisture resistance, folding resistance, antiseptic, pest control, antifreeze, flame retardant, non-toxicity, and good printing effect. They have broad applications in many fields such as packaging, printing, lunch boxes, and stickers. prospect. The park will promote the improvement of stone paper technology, improve the abrasion resistance, hardness, and ink absorption, improve the printability, and expand the applicable fields. We will do a good job of the completion of project operations and the construction of projects under construction to promote the process of industrial cluster construction in the park.

Benxi Huanren Park has a planned area of 10 square kilometers and currently has 9 companies. By 2020, 50 enterprises above designated size are expected to establish a modern packaging and printing information, logistics, and digital network trading platform to build a green packaging and printing substrate production base.

Infrastructure construction competes

In order to speed up and standardize the development of the national printing industry base in Liaoning, Liaoning urges various industrial parks to formulate development plans. Through the development of the whole industry chain of printing industry, highlighting green and creative themes, strengthening the integration of science and technology and culture, and gradually forming an industrial system that focuses on publishing and distribution industries, supporting cultural and creative industries, and packaging and printing industries, and striving to create high industrial concentration. The printing industry's creative and design bases, technological innovation bases, advanced manufacturing bases and modern service bases with high technological content, high added value, and high degree of internationalization.

Strengthen basic support

Strengthening infrastructure support is the premise for industrial parks to carry projects and agglomeration development. In recent years, Liaoning has established the concept of developing the foundation of the park first. From the site formation, road network, green lighting, to sewage treatment, thermal gas, and various supporting facilities are improving day by day.

At present, the four major parks are stepping up their efforts to build a public service system and effectively enhance their ability to serve enterprises in technological innovation. This has initially reached the overall goal of the park's planning.

Pay attention to attracting investment

The parks have formulated relevant policies for attracting investment, and they have implemented one-stop services for companies in various parks, preferentially providing guarantee services for enterprises, and exempting guarantee loan processing fees.

At the same time, in order to accelerate the rapid development of the regional economy, and fully promote the investment promotion, industrial agglomeration and industrial upgrade and innovation of the Liaoning National Printing Industry Base, the park has also established a management committee to conduct unified management of the industrial park.

Promote coordinated development

In light of the characteristics of the respective development of the park, Liaoning has given full play to the role of government coordination and actively encouraged relevant local government departments to give maximum support in terms of land use security, financing platform construction, tax incentives, and reduction of import equipment, and to promote the in-depth development of industrial parks.

At present, Liaoning's national printing industry base has developed rapidly, tends to be mature and large-scale, and has truly played a role in radiation, demonstration, and leadership. Benxi Yanren Stone Paper has successfully participated in bidding in many places, signed contracts with Shijiazhuang and other places, and the development momentum is good. The Guanzu Park's Han Nationality Guanhua has rapidly transformed and promoted the sales of engraving laser machinery, and achieved good sales performance in the exhibition.

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