How Will Many Printing Companies Leave Beijing For Printing Paper?

- May 26, 2018-

How will many printing companies leave Beijing for printing paper?

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How many printing companies have relocated from Beijing and how the printing industry will develop At the symposium on printing and copy management at the national level and the “3.15” quality inspection activities just passed, speeches from the Administrative Law Enforcement Corps of the Beijing Municipal Cultural Market aroused everyone’s attention. As an outpost of administrative enforcement, visits from the frontline found that printing companies in Beijing have entered the state of relocating from Beijing since 2017. Take Tongzhou District as an example. There were more than 300 printing companies during the peak period, and the actual number of companies operating now is less than 30. Family.

According to annual statistics, there were 602 publications printing companies in Beijing in 2016. The sharp contrast between the 600 registered companies and 200 active companies allowed the printers to see Beijing's efforts to dissolve in 2017 and also deeply felt the existence of the publications and printing companies in Beijing. Although many companies still retain their positions and wait for a turnaround, it is hard to give them a chance to fully rejuvenate with the firm advancement of environmental protection.

The same cannot be waited for, as well as the printing needs of publishing companies. On the one hand, the volume of business left behind by printing companies has risen dramatically, and it has been running at full capacity and overload. On the other hand, the publications market has gradually picked up in recent years, and the printing business has grown. The need for more than supply is intensifying, forcing publishers to rebuild the printing supply chain and fundamentally solve this problem.

It is reported that a large-scale publishing group in Beijing is preparing to set up the peripheral printing supply chain in two areas 300 kilometers away from Beijing and 1,000 kilometers away. 300 kilometers away from Beijing, the main supply areas are Hebei and Tianjin, including parts of Shandong and Shanxi, but these areas have also faced the high pressure of environmental protection, and can not completely undertake the print output released from Beijing; and in the vast 1000 kilometers Within the region, the publishing group can select more locations, and the Yangtze River Delta region also contains more quality suppliers. It should be noted that no matter whether it is 300 kilometers away from Beijing or 1000 kilometers, the pointer for finding printers is definitely southward, and the three northeastern provinces are not considered.

For the printing of publications, “from Beijing” is a factor in reshuffling, and printing on demand may be another factor of change. Today, POD may be more and more practical and operational for publishers who need to rebuild the supply chain, rebuild the storage chain, and have to face greater cost pressures.

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