Cognitive Printing Machinery Understands The Printing Process Small Reporter Walks Into The North Printing Machine

- May 20, 2018-

Cognitive printing machinery understands the printing process Small reporter walks into the North printing machine

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(Reporter Yao Pei) “Originally, the milk boxes, instant noodles, and cigarette packs that we commonly found on the day were printed out.” On May 13th, the Xiao Nan Daily small reporter team walked into Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Know the printing machinery and understand the printing process.

In the image exhibition hall, small reporters intuitively understood patterns of gravure printing machines, coating machines, and laminating machines through graphic forms. The staff members displayed and explained various packaging products on the spot, allowing small reporters There is a preliminary understanding of the printing technology of various packaging bags and packaging boxes for life.

Subsequently, small reporters lined up neatly, walked into the workshop, visited various printing machines and learned about the printing process. "What is the function of the display?" "Is the scrap iron to be recycled?" "How did the uncle go up overhead?" Master Zhang, the staff member, explained the various models and answered the questions of the small reporters. Before a press that was being tested, the small reporters saw the pattern of wrapping paper from green to yellow to black and then to blue.... After the end of the process, the sizes and sizes of the packaging eventually appeared. Product packaging, personal experience of the entire process from raw materials into the printing press to the finished product. At the digital smart factory, the staff introduced this is the first smart printer developed in China. It is composed of industrial software, intelligent equipment, and three-dimensional plant. This set of equipment not only saves 40% of manpower, but also compares with traditional printing. The machine has improved its efficiency by 30%. This digital intelligent factory is the product of the Beiren company's technical team's continuous upgrading and optimization of scientific products, and the wisdom of scientific research. It is also the transformation of Beiren from purely mechanical manufacturing to “intelligence”, artificial intelligence, and the Internet. The combination of information technology and mechanical manufacturing. After listening to the incident, the reporters could not help but yell again and again, feeling the magic of technology.

“Although the children still do not fully understand these presses, but through this activity, the children know how the milk boxes and instant noodle bags are printed, and they also have a basic understanding of printing. Usually, they bring their children out to experience and return. The family can either write what they have seen or heard, write it down, or introduce the learned knowledge to the classmates. It is also an exercise and improvement for the child,” said the parents after the event.


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