Biodegradable Garment Bags

Biodegradable Garment Bags

biodegradable garment bags bamboo based biodegradable plastic bag with very good strength and toughness color: semi-transparent

Product Details

Custom patented bamboo based 100% biodegradable plastic bag with very good strength and toughness

Type: biodegradable plastic bag

Usage: garment bags or other daily life bag

Surface Handling: no                                                    Size: custom size accepted

Thickness: 0.05mm single layer /custom                        Sealing & Handle: heat seal

Degradation time: 150 days  /custom                            Bear loading: 8kg or custom

Custom Order: ok                                                         Printing: gravure printing

Color: Customized Color                                               Logo: custom ok

Certificate: FDA, ISO or Custom requirement                MOQ: 100000pcs

Supply Ability: 3000000 PCS/Month

biodegradable garment bags

patented bamboo based 100% biodegradable bags

good strength and toughness display

Material Features:

1. Non-starch-based biodegradable material blending modification scheme to provide longer and more stable product service life.

2, biodegradable multi-alloy hybrid technology, combined with the performance advantages of a variety of biomaterials, have better physical and mechanical properties.

3, nano-scale dispersion technology, greatly improve the performance of biodegradable materials.

4. Enhanced hydrolysis and UV resistance, broadening the weatherability and application range of biodegradable membranes.

5. Efficient nucleation program greatly improves production and processing efficiency and reduces costs.

6, product application team can provide the best solution for customer products

full Biodegradable bags

The formula is designed according to the requirements of the customer, and the degradation time is also controlled. Because all of the biomass degradation components are selected, so that the products can be completely degraded according to the application life after use.

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