Audio Books

Audio Books

audio books for kis: Pages: total 20 pages Size: 310x272mm buttons: 10 buttons, press style inner pages: 150g artpaper binding: hardcover binding

Product Details

product description:

Functional Description: Sound/voice/music corresponding to the printed content of the book is emitted by touching the button pattern. (Book 

musical books

content, graphics, music: can be given to us according to the WAV file provided by the customer).

The pronunciation part of the product is integrated in the back cover of the book, with batteries, speakers, integrated circuits, etc.


Power supply requirements: button battery * 3 pieces.

Product size: We can use our existing styles and sizes, or we can design and customize the styles and sizes according to customers' requirements.

talking books

Working principle: Through the stimulation of various aspects of touch, hearing and vision, let the children recognize new things in the game play, learn pronunciation / recognize pictures / listen to stories / listen to music, thereby improving children's discernment, memory and observation.

And the ability to integrate visual, auditory and tactile. It is the best choice for early childhood education. Science books, preschool books, brochures, etc., are very suitable for early childhood education and social propaganda. If you want to choose a promotion,This product is also a good choice.

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