PU Coil Notebook

PU Coil Notebook

Material: leather material is color changing PU inner page yawolin paper specification: 32K process: coil binding detail: exquisite coil notebook printing is a popular notebook, mainly made up of coil, PU cover and Daolin paper coil.

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Cover PU / color PU / cloth / PVC / PP / craft wood / alloy / paper version, inside page 60g-80g-100g-110g double tape paper Dawlin paper. Specifications : 8K/10K/16K/18K/24K/32K/48K Prices vary according to customer requirements.

Exquisite coil notebook printing is a popular notebook, which is mainly made up of coils, PU covers and Daolin paper coils. This kind of notebook is simple, easy to carry, and cheap, companies can do hot stamping ads, do mobile advertising for the company; simple and elegant and well received by personal preferences.

pu notebook

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