Visit The Yangzhou China Engraving And Printing Museum

- May 25, 2018-

Visit the Yangzhou China Engraving and Printing Museum


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Visit the Yangzhou China Engraving and Printing Museum More than 100,000 ancient engravings are treasures for the town hall

China News Service, Nanjing, August 26 (Reporter Cui Jiaming) On the 26th, a reporter from the China New Network visited the ancient city of Yangzhou and visited the Chinese engraving and printing museum. The collection of more than 100,000 ancient engravings is the treasure of the museum's town hall.

The engraving printing has the name of "living fossils" in the history of printing. Yangzhou is the birthplace of Chinese engraving printing and is the only city in China that preserves a whole set of ancient engraving printing techniques. According to the museum staff, the Yangzhou Chinese Diaoban Printing Museum is the only one of its kind in China. The exhibition hall has a total area of about 4,100 square meters and is divided into two parts: the “China Pavilion” and the “Yangzhou Pavilion”. The length of the exhibition line is 798 meters. There are 175 pieces of cultural relics on display, of which the “Yangzhou Pavilion” also displays more than 100,000 ancient engravings in “warehouse style”.

Entering the museum, the artist on the scene and the master of the lettering showed superb skills and it was an eye-opener. In the engraving and demonstration area, the famous inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage is a famous master. He is 62 years old and has enjoyed calligraphy for more than 50 years. There have been more than 40 years of engraving. There are many people who can learn calligraphy in Yangzhou and can be engaged in carving masters. Today, they are only famous. Yan Ming told reporters that writing samples is the first process of engraving and printing. After the writing is completed, it is necessary to paste the pattern with a paste on the wood. We pay attention to the anti-engraving, each painting is a There is a soul.” Visible, in the work of writing, for the famous, it does not feel boring.

An old man wearing a thick reading glasses, careful to avoid the words posted on the plate, calmly with the carving knife in the hand, to remove the free space around the words. The master's movement is extremely skilled and picks up the empty wooden plates. The master teacher is Shen Shuhua, the master of engraving arts and crafts at the Yangzhou China Engraving and Printing Museum. Shen Shuhua said that he has been engaged in engraving engraving for 38 years. He is proud to tell reporters that the development of high technology will not replace traditional engraving and printing techniques.

The masters' virtuosity, live visitors or stop to watch, or personally experience, or take pictures. They said that after seeing the engravings and printing, they also felt the profoundness of Chinese culture and learned the exquisite craftsmanship of engraving and printing.

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