Attention: Let the paper book and e-book fly together is the right way

- May 30, 2018-

Attention: Let the paper book and e-book fly together is the right way

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At the 25th Beijing International Book Fair, experts from the Internet education industry and the traditional publishing industry gathered together to set off a debate about how the Internet education boom hit the traditional publishing industry and how traditional publishing industry can integrate with online education platforms. Discussion of development. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile internet technology and online education industry, word App and grammar apps have become new and popular among young foreign language learners. Then, on the Internet, "the word software will eventually replace the paper version of the word book" "have an app that can interact, but also a paper book?" "The paper version of the word book is about to become history" and other arguments.

In the era of mobile Internet, the physical bookstore is micro, the cardboard book is in trouble, and the e-book is prevalent. No one can deny it. The popularity of smart phones has made the advantages of e-reading more obvious. The data shows that the number of e-readers has been growing. This shows that people's reading habits are quietly changing, from the original traditional reading to the network reading, which is the most fundamental reason for the decline in the sales of cardboard books in physical bookstores.


However, this does not mean the emergence of e-books. The fate of cardboard books is “going into the museum”; the argument that “paper-based word books are about to become history” is not reliable. If the paper book really becomes history and is completely replaced by e-books, the achievements of a great civilization in human history will cease to exist. No matter from which point of view, cardboard books become history. Those who love to read paper books, "people who like to hold heavy weights in their hands" will not disappear. E-books and paper-books have their own advantages, but paper-based books will not die. In the future, there will be room for growth in the number of e-books and paper-based books.


As mentioned in the report, in recent years, schools have been trying to digitally educate them from “paper materials.” However, it has been found for some time that paper textbooks still have digital irreplaceable characteristics in the teaching process. It can be seen that cardboard books will not be eliminated. However, it does not mean that cardboard books can sit back and relax, but to actively seek change, especially in terms of quality, so that we can maintain competitiveness by quality. Because "in the era of information flooding, the real quality education content is still scarce", and whether it is a cardboard book or an e-book, if you want to remain competitive, you must pay attention to quality.


The popularity of television, the radio has not been eliminated; the popularity of cars, bicycles are still there. Human spirits like paper books, which are highly loved and even form "gene dependence", will never disappear easily. Even if the e-books are popular, the reading method will be a "following" between the paper version and the e-book, forming a benign and complementary relationship, especially in the "deep reading", the paper version is irreplaceable. Therefore, it is mainly a cardboard book of good quality, so no one can read it.


The quality of e-books is worrying, but it is an indisputable fact, because there are more imitations and less innovations. It is also impossible for Internet companies to make quality products in a short period of time. Even if you do it seriously, you will consume a lot of cost and time. For most Internet companies that rely on “short and fast” to make a profit, it is difficult to concentrate on creating quality products, enhancing their content, and then making more people. Approved readings come. Therefore, the electronic and cardboard book industry should continue to improve the architecture system, and create more books for readers with a more open mind and more responsible feelings.


In fact, whether it is a cardboard book or an e-book, it makes sense to use it well for reading. At the same time, it must be recognized that the cultural value carried by paper books is not an alternative to e-readers. E-reading changes the way, not the reading itself or the concept. Therefore, it is not meaningful to argue whether the paper version and the e-book are superior or inferior. Cardboard books will not die easily, and operators will be able to find a way to survive. It is more worthwhile to think about how the publishing industry can produce more good books instead of more "bad books" that will kill the readers and even mislead the readers.


Reading is a higher level of spiritual enjoyment. Reading can also reflect the thickness and height of a nation's thoughts. Nowadays, the “scholar society” is being built. Then, let the book fragrance fill the land of China, it should be the consensus of all. Whether it is a paper book or an e-book, as long as it is really reading, it is worthy of recognition. The two complement each other and compete with each other to complement each other. Only in this way can the citizens continue to improve their literacy and make the "scholar society" continue to move deeper into the depths.

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