The Principle Of Color Page Design

- Aug 21, 2017-

First: To grasp the key color page design can not be compared with the novel or film, they have enough space and time to tell the audience stories, color pages are different. The general color page only has A4 paper size, designers in this limited space to play, grasp the key is the first key, all the material, copywriting all around this focus to design.

Second, in accordance with the theme of the case for the refinement of clothing color page, the image we use is to use the body language of the model to show the design of the dress, rather than to show its figure, otherwise the reader will easily be attracted by the body of the model, but not to care about the dress is the designer want to show the focus. No matter how wonderful the creative design, as long as it does not meet the theme, it is a violation of professionalism.

Third, clear the theme and purpose of the design of the color page is for the audience to see, that is, the design of all for users and potential users to consider. Out of the user, there is no economic benefits, can only be entertained. Since it is to the user to see, it is necessary to achieve a certain benefit, can not be converted into economic benefits of the design, is superfluous. The designer needs to understand the user's mentality deeply, and use this to play the creativity, such work is more easy to let the user produce the purchase desire.

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