The 14th ICIF Convened, Packaging And Printing Shined; The Nation's Waste Paper Fired Quickly, The Momentum Fell

- May 16, 2018-

The 14th ICIF convened, packaging and printing shined; the nation's waste paper fired quickly, the momentum fell

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The 14th ICIF held

Packaging and printing shine

A wide range of Chinese non-genetic heritage projects, traditional handicrafts from countries and regions along the Belt and Road, creative design products, novel and interesting cultural “black technology”... May 10-14, 2018, The 14th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo was successfully held. The fair focused on celebrating the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and the "Belt and Road Initiative" and supply-side structural reforms. It focused on the achievements of China's cultural institutional reforms and the achievements of the cultural industry.

In the printing and packaging industry, a number of outstanding companies represented by Yachang, Yutong Technology, and Lijia are also making great achievements at this year's ICIF.

In the main venue of ICIF – the first exhibition center of the Expo, visitors can experience the art of cloud art, the art exhibition and 360 panorama exhibition at the Yachang booth (stand number: 1C19), and use the mobile devices in the hands to connect the massive cloud database. , video, text, etc. to understand the story behind the creation of a work of art and browse the exhibition site.

The theme of the "Yachang Art Center" is "Combining the power of science and technology and the beauty of art". It insists on "technology + art" to change the public's understanding of the beauty of art and the beauty of reading. The “Discovery • Yang Xin Dian” theme digital experience exhibition and “Stereo Book Fair” are full of interesting technologies such as AI, VR, and voice image recognition.

The Yutong Science and Technology branch site has exhibited ancient printing techniques through a series of exciting activities - Classical Reading, Summit Forum, Han Paper Printing, Copying Ancient Paintings and Ancient Book Exhibitions, Intelligent Storytelling Experience, 3D Three-Dimensional Painting Exhibition, etc. The result of the fusion of modern smart packaging and technological innovation.

At the Lijia conference venue, the theme of “Go all out and create Wenbo Peak” was carefully planned. More than 10 creative cultural activities were carefully planned and geographically radiated to Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau in the Dawan District. Cultural, creative, cultural, creative, and innovative. The popularity of the Qing Dynasty engraving exhibition area, Bi Sheng Printing Culture Museum through the image, kind, animation and other methods, systematic reproduction of the origin of printing, invention, development process. In addition, LJ also showcased the award-winning masterpieces of the China Print Awards and the Hong Kong Printing Awards, and organized “China Dreams. Air Shows” photo exhibition of the China International Aerospace Exhibition and creative bazaars to bring a lot of energy to the public. Ancient cultural exchanges today.

@ North off the door: cultural and creative, printing, organic integration, mutual empowerment.

@Crystal: Yesterday's printing factory, today's Wenchuang Paradise. Powerful, my printing.


National paper waste heat rate correction or decline?

Since May, the paper roller coaster model has reopened.

According to incomplete statistics, from May 1 to May 4 in just 4 days, 32 paper mills across the country have announced price increases, and the prices of various paper products have ranged from 100 yuan to 300 yuan per ton.

However, from May 12th to May 13th, 2018, the nation’s waste paper market experienced new ups and downs, ranging from RMB 20-150/t, with a drop of RMB 30-250/t –

8 in South China: up 80-100 yuan/ton, down 50-250 yuan/ton

27 in East China: up 20-150 yuan/ton, down 30-200 yuan/ton

11 in North China: up 30-100 yuan/ton, down 50-100 yuan/ton

5 in central China: up 100 yuan/ton, down 30-150 yuan/ton

7 Southwest China: All raised 50-100 yuan/ton

Northeast Region 1: Price unchanged

Is this a slight retreat in the highs, or is it a prelude to a sharp decline? The results need to be further revealed.

@PC: I don't understand more and more.

@ Tour: There is no demand, everything and eggs.


The Eighteenth Beijing Municipal Vocational Skill Competition for Printing Industry Successfully Held

On the afternoon of May 8, 2018, the 18th Beijing Vocational Skill Competition for the Printing Industry and the 6th National Conference on Professional Skills Competition in the Beijing Competition held in Beijing.

Director of the Beijing Printing, Broadcasting and Broadcasting Bureau, Printing Publishing Division, Zhang Shuli and Liu Ruoxuan, Director of the Beijing Printing Association Zhang Yi, Principal Consultant Ren Yucheng, Deputy Secretary-General Duan Dexin, Yuan Yuxia, Deputy Dean of the Beijing Green Printing and Packaging Industry Research Institute, Printing Industry Enterprise, Supply Business representatives and industry media attended the mobilization meeting. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Yi, chairman of the Beijing Printing Association.

The scope of the competition for the current competition is the printing staff of the Beijing area and relevant staff of the relevant institutions, teachers and students. This competition set up lithographers (computer typesetting, graphic image processing, design creativity, etc.), lithographers (four-color lithographic offset printing presses for workers and employees, and eight-color four-color offset printing presses for student groups), binders (bound binding) Linkage lines, rubber binding linkage lines, printing and finishing workers (die cutting, hot stamping), digital printing and other five competition projects. Among them, lithographers, binders, and printers have added self-choice features to the competition unit in the actual operation competition stage during the rematch phase. This competition has three characteristics: widespread, scientific, and innovative.

Skill competitions are conducted in accordance with the three competition levels of the preliminary round, semi-final round and final round. Each level competition includes theoretical and practical competitions. Each participating unit set up a preliminary competition organizing committee and organized the preliminary competition on its own. The theoretical written examination of the preliminary competition was carried out by the participating units themselves and the examinations were organized; the rematch and finals were unified by the contest organizing committee, and the training was organized uniformly and organized in a unified manner. After the national competition, the organizing committee of the competition organizes the finals. The number of players participating in the finals is tentatively set to be the first 30%-50% of the results of the semi-finals of each competition.u=643091102,1026229614&fm=27&gp=0.jpg

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