Paper Prices Rise, The Day Of The Press Is Even More Difficult

- May 18, 2018-

Paper prices rise, the day of the press is even more difficult

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From May 1st to May 4th, in just four days, 32 paper mills across the country have announced price increases, and the price increases for various types of paper range from 100 yuan to 300 yuan per ton. Paper price increases are a hot topic in the book industry in recent years and have recently become publishers' pain. Recently, reporters came to printing houses, publishing houses and bookstores to investigate and understand their hardships. The rise in the price of paper has caused the whole industry to become a turning point in the book industry.

Printing factory:

Paper prices rose back to a decade high

Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., located in Yizhuang, rumbling machines and a book on the conveyor belt have just been printed. In the warehouse, barrels of paper are placed neatly and forklifts are shuttled. A bundle of flat sheets is being transported to the printing shop. These papers that affect the publishing industry's nerves are waiting for the assembly line to complete the book and magazine printing mission.

Paper is also a hot topic discussed by the printing industry from last year. Zhu Min, a director and general manager of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., said that in November 2016, the price of paper suddenly increased. From the first quarter of last year, the paper had a tendency of skyrocketing, with an increase of approximately 30% to 40%. This year saw a slight upward trend. In February, purchase prices rose by 2.2%. In March, they rose by 1.8%. The three-month increase rate was 4%. “The price of light coated papers has increased even more, and the current prices are almost the same as coated paper. "" Zhu Min said. According to report, the inner pages of the book generally use offset paper. The current price of this paper is from 8,200 yuan to 8,400 yuan per ton, and the coated paper and light-coated paper are from 7,800 yuan to 8,000 yuan and 7,700 yuan to 7,900 yuan per ton.

According to Zhu Min's analysis, the price of paper today is not historically high, but is equivalent to the price in 2008. “In 1995 and 1996, we created high levels. Since then, there has been an increase in production capacity. Paper prices have been declining from 2008 to 2016, but now there is a new upward trend.”

The analysis of the industry, paper pulp, transportation costs, coal and other price increases, and 2016 due to tightening environmental protection policies and the elimination of low-end production capacity, many small and medium-sized paper mills have closed down, these are the factors that increase paper prices. Zhu Min disclosed that in the past, publishers and magazines were recommended for paper replacement, but now, even if the paper is changed, the prices of all types of paper are also rising. She admitted that for the printing companies, the current risks and pressures are increasing, "because our contracts with the magazines are signed every year."

Faced with the rise in paper prices, people in the industry believe that this has the greatest impact on textbooks. Teaching materials are priced through the Price Bureau, but adjusting the pricing requires a process of application and approval. During this period, publishers will be under tremendous pressure. Zhu Min also believes that although publishers can reduce losses by increasing prices, the content must be improved while prices are raised. This is also a challenge for publishers.


If the price of books does not increase, it will result in a loss of one book. "Because the increase in paper prices has directly caused a significant increase in the cost of publishing, the publishing industry can only be forced to adjust the price of books." said Liu Kai, deputy editor of Beijing United Publishing Co., Ltd. .

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