New Printing Technology Promotes Industrial Innovation And Development

- Jan 28, 2021-

New printing technology promotes industrial innovation and development

From November 16 to 20, the 16th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Yunshang Expo) was held as an online exhibition. Many printing companies and printing industry parks will participate in this year's Yunshang Expo. China Business United Printing (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., Xi'an Xizheng Printing Co., Ltd. and other companies will showcase their latest technologies and products. Advertising creative printing in Luqiao District, Taizhou The industrial park has brought many new achievements by organizing groups to participate in the exhibition. The traditional thread-bound ancient book "printing" binding technique displayed by the Hebei Wuqiao Jinding Ancient Book Printing Factory is quite eye-catching.

Digital printing is the future development direction

With the development of digital printing technology, digital printing has been widely used in paper publications such as books, newspapers and periodicals and printed materials such as advertisements. At this Cloud Text Expo, a number of printing companies showcased digital printing technologies and products. In digital printing, spot color printing is more commonly used because it can meet the individual needs of customers. The printing service plan displayed by China Business United Printing (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., before performing spot color printing, set the necessary spot colors, and provide two solutions according to user needs, that is, the choice is to directly use spot color inks for printing. Still convert the spot colors to CMYK colors before printing.

The reporter interviewed the staff of many printing companies and learned that the evolving trends of the digital printing industry's competitive landscape, digital printing technology standards, the scale of the digital printing market, and the potential problems of the digital printing industry are the crux of restricting the development of the digital printing industry. Chen Guangxue, a professor at the School of Light Industry of South China University of Technology, said in an interview with a reporter from China Press and Publication: “It will take some time for the scale of the digital printing market to compete with traditional printing. The key problem lies in how to make further breakthroughs in technology and cost. How to reduce it further."

Digital printing is an important development direction that represents the future of printing technology. my country is heavily dependent on foreign countries in the core technology of digital printing technology. It is not only in the core components of inkjet ink heads and electrostatic imaging drums, but also in the integration of digital printing software systems and software, The integrated hardware integration also lacks independent innovation and core technology, which has become a "stuck neck" problem that restricts the future development of my country's printing industry. Chen Guangxue suggested that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Ministry of Science and Technology can coordinate the Ministry of Science and Technology to list a major science and technology project for this purpose. The project name is "Key Digital Printing Technology Research and Research and Development of Localized Equipment", and the application funding is not less than 50 million. In 5 years, we have overcome the key technical problems and formed a digital printing technology system with independent intellectual property rights and not being led by foreign countries.

Printing and new technology integration development

"Digital printing + mobile internet" can find buyers of printing all over the world. This is a resounding advertising slogan for new products by enterprises in the Advertising Creative Printing Industrial Park in Luqiao District, Taizhou City. Although on-demand printing services have not become the market climate, they are gradually It reveals its market demand, and the integration and development of printing and new technology has cultivated the basis for users to realize their needs. Printing+new media, printing+AR/VR, printing+5G, printing+blockchain, printing+artificial intelligence, printing+sensing, printing+Internet of things, printing+new energy, etc., cross-border integrated development of printing enterprises , Opened up new application areas.

"Whether printing can be well integrated with new media determines the future of printing, but how to achieve integration requires technical support and policy guidance." Chen Guangxue pointed out. Printing is not only the technology of visual image and text transmission for human eye recognition, that is, the use of graphic image processing and output capabilities of printing, but also the logo of machine vision recognition (AR logo, two-dimensional code, dot matrix code, etc.). This advantage can make printed graphics and texts become the information portal of the Internet and the Internet of Things, and introduce print media and digital media, the Internet of Things, and blockchain into the customers and fields served by the printing house, and provide customers and service objects. can. Chen Guangxue believes that it is very necessary to research and promote the mixed media technology of printing, AR, and information codes.

3D printing has brought about a new form of digital additive manufacturing that affects all industries. Printed electronics will bring a new revolution in the electronics industry. Printed display is a new display technology that represents the future... These fully demonstrate that printing technology is almost compatible with all industries. Fields can be integrated, and can play a huge role in promoting technological changes in these fields. Chen Guangxue said that if printing originally showed ubiquitous "ubiquity" in the dissemination of graphic information, as the role of printing has shifted to manufacturing functions, it now appears that printing has shown itself in almost all industries. "Ubiquitous", for this, a new concept of "ubiquitous printing" can be put forward. It can be considered that the era of "ubiquitous printing" has arrived, and printing professionals and industry professionals should seize this major opportunity to continuously explore printing application fields and new application scenarios, and make it an inexhaustible and inexhaustible "Gold Mine".

Integrate industry resources to promote industry development

The goal of “green, digital, intelligent, and fusion” put forward by the Yunqiang Expo has strongly promoted the transformation and development of my country’s printing industry, especially in the promotion of green printing, and has made significant progress in digitalization. And progress in integrated development. In 2020, the printing industry is facing the difficult resumption of work and production, and practitioners are looking for a development direction in the changing situation.

Chen Guangxue analyzed the problems of the current printing industry. He pointed out: Compared with foreign developed countries, my country's printing enterprises are still small and scattered, with a poor degree of intensiveness, and weak individual strength, which limits their financing, technological transformation investment, and development potential; my country; The innovation capability of printing technology and industry is very weak. Advanced printing equipment (especially digital printing equipment) is almost entirely imported, high-end printing materials are still inseparable from imports, corporate management is low, and product and service operation models lack innovation.

However, Chen Guangxue is still confident about the development prospects of the industry. He suggested that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, printing enterprises should be encouraged to integrate and intensively, and to encourage the development of large and medium-sized printing enterprises. The methods of withdrawal, merger and transfer can be adopted to eliminate a number of environmental protection companies. Small and low-end printing companies with substandard governance, backward technology, poor management capabilities, lack of talents, and no stamina for development. Support a number of large-scale printing enterprise groups with high output value, strong profitability and financing ability, advanced technology, talent accumulation and high management level in different regions in China to lead and improve the overall technical level, management level, innovation ability and profitability of my country's printing enterprises ability.

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