How To Avoid Misunderstandings In The Printing Process

- Mar 29, 2018-

In the general printing process, there are generally two kinds of color-matching products: the customer himself comes to the factory and the color, the printer captain can adjust the color to the satisfaction of the customer, and the other is to adjust the color of the printing machine. That is to say, the machine is tinted according to the tinting system. This tune-out color is the misunderstanding of the normal color: Many customers come to the factory with the color, only to see the color on the computer is absolutely not acceptable, because the computer color is present in the computer to distinguish The difference between the rates and other issues is of no reference value for printing and color. It is best to make a sample and the customer is satisfied with the color. Let the printer chiefly follow the colors to ensure that the color error is minimized.

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