Hardcover Printing Notes

- Aug 21, 2017-

1. Distinguish the version, binding structure size, color, text content, material.

2. Cover color, surface treatment, drag flower, scrape, breakage, FireWire bubble, rebound, pressure wrinkle, book core cut oblique, knife flower.

3. Ridge Word Center, book head, Book foot, book core can not be oblique, Benedict Head cloth Two consistent, there is no space glue, overflow gum, whether or not to fall Ridge, ribbon length problem.

4. The color of the backing, not overflow plastic, bubble, big wrinkle, the center of the mouth.

5. The text can not be cut to the word and white edge, the page diagram up and down, the page color consistent, the page number sequence is good chaos, not dirty damage and so on.

6. The process of each product quality inspection, confirmed correct after the production of large goods.

7. The first confirmation must be confirmed by the Minister, Supervisor and quality of the production department, which can be produced in batches.

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