Decorate And Beautify The Color Of Gift Box

- Aug 21, 2017-

Color in people's social life, production labor and daily life clothing, food, housing, the important role in the line is obvious, of course, the gift box for the color decoration and beautification is more so.

and modern scientific research data show that a normal person from outside the information received 90% is more than the visual organs of the brain input, all visual images from the outside world, such as the shape, space and position of the object, are reflected by color difference and the relationship between light and shade, and the first impression of vision is often the feeling of color.

The interest in color led to the people's color aesthetic awareness, become people learn to decorate the color of the premise of life, so that in the gift box design, color decoration and landscaping occupies a great role, I hope you can attach importance to the color of the gift box.

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