A Magical Printing Machine That Produces 25,000 Clothes A Day

- Apr 01, 2018-

A magical printing machine that produces 25,000 clothes a day

As a global well-known clothing manufacturer ------ Partu & Cipcici ------ in Turkey not only for the world's major brand manufacturers, but also opened up their own business ------ personality Customized services to produce any design that users want and delivered to your door.

In order to achieve its own business goals, Partu & Cipcici's decision-making layer chose Epson's micro-jet printing process after comparing many processes when selecting the production process. Facts have proved that they picked the right, four EPSONSureColorF6000 (F6280 in mainland China, 44-inch width) and one EPSONSureColorF7100 (F7280, 64-inch width in China) micro-jet printing machine. They operate 24 hours a day and work 6 days a week, producing 20,000 to 25,000 T-shirts or clothes for Partu & Cipcici daily.

Thanks to the original Epson "live color DS" thermal transfer ink, the performance of the printing machine is super stable, and there are basically no unexpected occurrences. Partu & Cipcici finally realized the industrialized production of clothing.

And Partu & Cipcici made unique color profiles for each fabric of the customer. Due to such professional color management, they received top-quality printed products and received praise from customers.

If Partu&Cipcici regrets the Epson micro-jet printer, it is also the only regret, that is why he did not know her in advance one year.

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