Saddle Stitched Booklet

Saddle Stitched Booklet

saddle stitching booklet 157 coated paper, total 32pages, cover 200 coated paper with Matt PP lamination

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saddle stitching booklet

157 coated paper, total 32pages, cover 200 coated paper with Matt PP lamination

saddle stitched booklet

Special saddle stitching binding, with these you could easily hang the booklet.

saddle stitching booklet

there are three snails, and these make the book more stronger

Saddle stitching binding refers to a method of book binding. The action is as follows: the thin book (including the cover of 6 posts) is putted in a set, and then place on the iron frame to wear the iron wire nail.

Saddle stitching binding usually refer to "wire flat nails", and the use of pre-made staples is not used. During the production process, the machine cuts a section from a roll of metal wire and puts it dip into the paper and bend the wire on the other side of the paper.

The inner part of the book does not bind together in advance, but is accompanied by the cover and then the whole book is booked together and cut together. The finished book with saddle stitching, the cover of the cover, the bottom, the sealing portion is also exactly the same size and neat as the sheet of the book core, and the spine is narrow and rounded, and the wire used for the book binding is clearly exposed, so the text cannot be printed.

The saddle stitching has a short binding cycle and a low cost, but the binding is less secure and the wire used is difficult to penetrate thicker sheets. Therefore, the pages of the book are more than 32 pages (64 faces). the books are not suitable for saddle stitching. 

Note: The page number of the saddle stitch source file must be a multiple of 4, otherwise the text will be blank.

The first post is placed at the forefront of the binding machine, the first one falls onto the chain; the other posts are stacked one on top of the other, the cover is finally dropped on top, and then nailed; then sent to the end of the binding machine, In the end cutting knife part, the book is cut into three books, and the conveyor belt is sent out to the end of the binding machine, and the package is delivered.

Because the finished book has a thickness, and the last side of the page is cut (ie, the mouth is turned), because the sides of the saddle are close together, the flat side is pressed against the trimming side, and the outermost page and the middlemost page are repaired.

After cutting, the appearance looks the same size, but because the middle page is squeezed out by the thickness of half of the book, and it is cut and cut, and the size of the left and right is measured, it will be found.

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