Paper File Holder

Paper File Holder

paper file holder Product name: cardboard ring binders file holder Material: Paper Shape: Folder Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland) Brand Name: OEM Brand Size: 7.2*29*32.2cm Color: Customized, as required Printing: CMYK Certificate: ISO900, FSC Logo: customer logo Packing: Master Carton

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Product Details

paper file holder

Product name: cardboard ring binders file holder

Material: Paper

Shape: Folder

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: OEM Brand

Size: 7.2*29*32.2cm

Color: Customized, as required

Printing: CMYK

Certificate: ISO900, FSC

Logo: customer logo

Packing: Master Carton

folder file holder

single board file holder

Tips of printing:

How to save printing costs during prepress processing

Knowing what issues you need to pay attention to when making prepress files is a lot better for how to avoid printing problems. As a prepress producer, you can implement it from several aspects to save printing costs.

1. Familiar with common paper specifications and opening numbers, and typesetting with the largest imposition area. In the imposition, the typesetting is carried out on the principle of saving printing paper. First of all, the analysis of the work object, such as what paper to use, which printing machine to prepare, and which process to use, can reduce the problems of printing, paper waste, etc. encountered during printing. Nowadays, the software is constantly updated and the typesetting method is more convenient. The Preps and Heidelberg typesetting software are more advanced. There are many set layout templates. Just put the files and the software will automatically imposition. This software is functional but practical. The operation is a bit more complicated, and the typesetting of the book is usually used.

2. Familiar with the postpress process. Pre-press designers think that the perfect work, after the delivery of the printing production, there are many printing process problems, so that the production can not be carried out normally, or increase the unnecessary processing difficulty, resulting in increased costs. In the entire printing workflow, the seamless connection between prepress, printing and postpress should be ensured. The printer needs to understand the performance of various printing presses and the calculation standard of the wage. Otherwise, it may be because of the high cost and unreasonable Printing process, increasing costs.

3. The number of prints. From the surface, it has nothing to do with designing, but in the case of large-scale printing, it is necessary to consider the expenses of printing plates and printing costs. If the printing quantity is not large, the imposition cannot be increased, otherwise the expensive die-cutting production cost will increase the packaging cost. At this time, it can be considered to produce a copper-zinc plate with a lower cost, and then use a monochrome machine to print, which can save a lot of money.

4. Check after output. The following checks are performed by printing out the blue paper layout to avoid unnecessary increase in production costs. The inspection includes: 1 whether there is a page position, incomplete printing or defacement, whether the content is located outside the cutting or cutting, whether the text content is complete, whether there is missing word, drop word, text position, font is different; 2 Whether the paper opening size is consistent with the work order, whether the number of colors and the number of typesetting are correct; 3 whether the mouth word, cross, color mark, ribbon, pull line, etc. are complete, whether the mouth line meets the requirements; 4 is the bleeding position sufficient; 5 The front and back sides of the blue paper must be aligned with double-sided tape. Fold the book according to the folding method of the billing. Pay attention to check whether the folding method is correct during the folding process, cut the molding, check the page order, and seal the book. Whether the position of the dispensing is sufficient, whether the binding book has crawling and whether the floating position is consistent; 6 color box blue paper should pay attention to the cut color of the cut line, the text content is more than 3mm~5mm from the cutting line, the card box and the pit box are generally For single-sided, pay attention to whether the knife line is centered on the layout, and the boutique box should be the reverse positioning line to check whether the front and back sides are registered.

All of the above are the author's experience in the pre-press work for many years, only for the reference of the printing and packaging related practitioners. Of course, prepress production involves many details, not just the ones mentioned above. Prepress processing also requires the patience and perseverance of the production staff to pay attention to every detail in the prepress production process, so that the quality of the product is guaranteed. In order to reduce the cost of packaging and printing enterprises and create greater value for customers, pre-press designers of various enterprises need to deepen their knowledge of printing process, thereby outputting better pre-press documents and printing products that satisfy customers.

There are 6sets 4/5 color printing presses

print factory

Color check during printing to ensure the same color as the prepress sample or your sample.


Gold blocking and die-cutting



*All the samples listed here are only for reference, not for sale.

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