Xu Jianguo, Chairman Of China Printing And Equipment Industry Association, Addressed Beijing International Printing Exhibition

- Jun 01, 2018-

Xu Jianguo, Chairman of China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, addressed Beijing International Printing Exhibition

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The 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2017), sponsored by China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association and China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation, and hosted by Beijing China-India Xiahai Hong Kong International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will be held in May 2017. It was held on the 9th to 13th in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. At present, the booth sales of CHINA PRINT 2017 are nearing completion. It is expected that there will be more than 1,000 exhibitors with an exhibition area of 160,000 square meters. This will attract more than 200,000 professional visitors from China and around the world. The data of the exhibition is expected to record a new high .

Speech by Xu Jianguo, Chairman of China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association

Leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning! First of all, on behalf of the China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association, one of the organizers of the 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, I am very pleased to welcome leaders, guests and friends from home and abroad to attend the 9th Beijing International Printing Conference. The International Media Week of the Technology Exhibition and the 19th Beijing International Print Information Exchange Conference, and express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your support for the exhibition! The media week, information exchange conference and related series of events are both supply and demand. The meeting will also be an information exchange meeting. It will surely have a positive impact on aggregating industry consensus and promoting transformation and upgrading.

The Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT) (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Da Yin Exhibition) was founded in 1984 and is held every four years. It has been successfully held for eight times. The 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition, which will be held at the new China International Exhibition Center from May 9th to May 2017, is expected to have an exhibition scale of 160,000 square meters, with over 1,000 exhibiting companies and 200,000 professional visitors. The number of visitors will be the largest and most influential industry event in China and the world next year.

Since the development of CHINA PRINT, it has been highly valued and supported by industry government authorities, printing and related industry associations. As one of the organizers of the exhibition, China Printing and Equipment Industry Association has played an active role in promoting the development of the exhibition. The China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association (PEIAC) was established in 1985. It is a cross-industry and cross-sectoral organization composed of units engaged in production and operation, scientific research and development, education and training, information services, and materials marketing in the fields of printing, printing equipment, and printing equipment. National industry organization. The IAI is both a user (printer) association and a manufacturer (printing equipment and equipment) association. It is a non-profit social organization that plays a "bridge" role between the government and the enterprise. The association has more than 1,500 direct members, 50 corporate members (including 31 provincial and municipal printing associations), and more than 50,000 indirect members. The exhibitors are almost all members of the association. The association’s eight branches, eight working committees, two professional committees, and national associations of all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions will organize professional buyers to visit CHINA PRINT 2017.

In recent years, in the face of a grim and complex international economic situation, the Chinese government has persisted in implementing a proactive fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy. According to the general tone of “stability for progress”, the national economy has maintained a steady and steady progress. There is a good development trend in stability and stability. In the first half of this year, China's gross domestic product (GDP) still achieved a 6.7% growth.

In accordance with the grand goal of “building a well-to-do society in an all-round way”, the Chinese economy is rejuvenating its new vitality and realizing new development in the new normal. The upsurge of Chinese cultural construction and the revitalization of creative industries will become new growth points for the printing industry. Looking at the industry as a whole, new demands continue to emerge, advanced technologies accelerate development, industrial structures are actively adjusted, and business models are vigorously innovated. According to the annual verification data of the printing enterprises of the State Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau, the total output value of the printing industry in China was 1,124.62 billion yuan in 2015. There are 104,000 printing companies in China, employing 3.176 million employees. The total assets of the industry are 1,235.73 billion yuan and the total profit is 69.86 billion yuan. Yuan, the foreign processing trade volume was 86.52 billion yuan. In 2015, the total output value of China's printing industry increased by 3.6% over the previous year. In general, although the slowdown in the growth rate is obvious, there are many difficulties in the operation of the industry. However, the macro indicators also released many positive signals, reflecting new features, new hopes, and new momentum in the new era.

Despite the complex and volatile world economic situation, I can very comfortably tell you today that the Ninth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition to be held in Beijing in May next year has received unpredictable and strong support from companies at home and abroad. This fully proves that China's printing industry has great potential for development. China's printing market has become the most important single market for printing industry manufacturers in the world, and the strong demand of the Chinese printing market will enable Chinese and foreign exhibitors to benefit from it. On behalf of the CHINA PRINT 2017 Organizing Committee, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all colleagues in the printing industry who are here to visit, visit, and negotiate cooperation in Beijing.

The 9th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition will be a professional exhibition with international influence, high quality and high level. In addition to maintaining the scale of the exhibition, we will further improve service levels and enhance service functions. Make full use of international and domestic key manufacturers and major users to gather opportunities in Beijing to make the exhibition a platform for new product display and sales promotion. At the same time, it will strive to make it a platform for promoting technological exchanges and promoting technological advancement, and strengthen international cooperation to implement the “One Belt "One way" strategic platform. During the exhibition, we will jointly organize the China-US Business Summit with the National Association of Printing, Publishing, and Paper Processing Technology Suppliers (NPES); hold the Global Printing Alliance and the Asia Printing and Exhibition Union Conference.

In the organization of the international professional buyers' group, we will give full play to the power of all members of the Asian Printing Exhibition Alliance and actively organize professional visitors from all over the country to visit and purchase. Now India, Pakistan, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, the Printing and Packaging Association stated that it will organize a buyer delegation to visit in May next year. Through participating in the exhibition, everyone will further discover that this is a valuable, dynamic, and innovative platform.

Finally, I wish the media week and information exchange conference a complete success. I wish all the delegates a worthwhile trip and a great harvest.

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