Suqian A Printing Company To Be Put Into Production

- Jun 02, 2018-

Suqian A Printing Company To Be Put Into Production

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“Building A has already been built and put into operation after acceptance. Processing all kinds of packaging materials is very prosperous!” On the morning of December 2nd, he came to the site of the Daxing Printing Project and saw not only intense construction but also busy production. Huang Huadun, the person in charge of production at Jiangsu Dingsheng Printing Co., Ltd., told reporters that with the help of the Suqian city and district government and related units, the project is rapidly advancing, and it is expected to be fully completed and put into production in advance.

Dingsheng Printing Project is located in Jialingjiang Road, Suqian High-tech Development Zone. It is a new plant developed and built by Jiangsu Dingsheng Printing Co., Ltd. It plans to invest 500 million yuan to build a standardized factory building of 42,000 square meters, mainly producing various types of packaging, electronic labels, Roller rollers and other products can process 80 million tons of various types of raw materials annually after being put into production. It was listed as a key promotion project in Suqian City and Suyu District in 2015.

According to reports, Jiangsu Dingsheng Government Printing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive printing company integrating the printing of publications, various kinds of packaging materials, and taxation and taxation papers. The existing color packaging production lines, book printing and binding production lines, taxation and taxation paper production lines, and mergers and acquisitions Into the ROLAND700 six-color printing press, with the world's top printing technology, writing industry legend.

“This is our investment promotion company. We have been tracking the help!” said Chen Xiaolian, Director of the General Office of the Municipal Finance Bureau. From the negotiation to the signing of the new factory building, the Finance Bureau of the Municipality has always maintained close contact with the responsible persons of the company to keep abreast of Enterprises are in dire straits and are desperately needed to provide precise assistance services. “We will continue to pay attention to and support the development of Suqian in Suqian.”

If it is a commitment, if it is practiced. Huang Huadun said that the Municipal Finance Bureau not only arranged special contacts for help, but also the members of the leadership team of the Bureau had visited the company several times, paying special attention to the construction of the new plant, understanding the difficulties and taking the initiative to help coordinate. “Especially in the site selection and project establishment The compensation for land compensation and other aspects gave us great support."

“Look at it, in addition to the production of Tower A, Buildings E, F, and G have also been completed. The built-up area has reached 36,000 square meters, and fire-fighting pools, rain and sewage pipes and other infrastructure facilities have been put in place. Indoor decoration and firefighting pipelines are under way. "Introducing the project, Sun Xuyang, head of the State Land Administration Bureau of Suqian Hi-tech Development Zone, is clearer and smoother than Huang Huadun."

It turned out that the Administrative Committee of the Suqian High-tech Development Zone specially arranged for the State-Owned Bureau to be linked to the project. "Lao Sun came to the free time. Sometimes he could run several times a day, and he was more concerned than himself. The situation was better than me." Huang Huadun said with emotion that if it was not for the National Land Administration Bureau, it would be modified before and after construction. The design plan will definitely delay the construction period. "Today, the BC merged walls have been completed, and the D-piles pile foundation is basically completed, which is ahead of schedule."

Up to now, the peaking printing project has completed an investment of nearly 200 million yuan. While advancing the construction of a standardized factory, it also purchased the Manroland 700-3B offset press, the domestically produced Beiren four-color offset press, the screen printer, and the TYM1050Bwg automatic hot stamping. Machine, ZH850C automatic folder gluer, folding machine, Binder and other mechanical equipment more than 50 sets.

“With this progress, we may start relocation at the end of this year and move Suqian from Wuxi as a whole!” Huang Huadun told the reporter with a word, although the working time for Suqian was not long, but for all levels of government and development The thoughtful service of the Ministry of Finance, Land and Resources and other departments has been impressive. "In this way, pro-business, help-to-business, and the company's own efforts, we will be able to achieve surpass in Suqian and continue to write industry legends!"

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