Printing Companies Attach Great Importance To Big Data And Use Big Data Is Worth Our Concern.

- May 31, 2018-

Printing companies attach great importance to big data and use big data is worth our concern.

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There is a book called the age of big data, written by two British professors. After the Apple Corp founder Steve Jobs was suffering from a malady, the doctor tried to use big data to analyze the medical conditions of the same patients in the world, hoping to screen out the treatments that might be useful to Jobs. Although miracles did not happen in the end, the case clearly told us that big data is closely related to our work and life. It is worth our concern to attach importance to big data and use big data.

Printing enterprises can only reflect the role of big data only by doing a good job of analysis.

Of course, the data should play a role, the analysis of abnormal importance, the same data in the eyes of different objects can see things very different, some look on the surface, for water content, some of the nature, for potential problems worry.

Some experts have summed up four features of large data, also known as 4 "V", that is, Volume, has jumped from the TB (1024GB) level to the PB (1024TB) level; type more (Variety), the data is presented in a variety of forms; the value density is low (Value), and the data useful components produced by monitoring may be only 1. 2 seconds; the processing speed is very fast (Velocity). This is completely correct. Because the volume of big data is huge, the directional data is hidden in the vast sea and vast desert. It is hard to search for needles in the sea and in the desert. Moreover, because of the huge amount of data, the processing of large data is obviously different from the traditional data processing, and the analysis and utilization of these data is not only the use of human brain.

In addition to the website, the printing enterprise also mastered a large number of data. After entering the digital age from the historical era of simulation to the digital age, a large amount of data will be produced in the daily production process, but it is a qualitative breakthrough from the realization of data storage to the use of data for the enterprise, the customer and the community. They haven't reached that stage yet.

In order to meet production needs and store data, enterprises can do more in order to prepare enough memory bars and sufficient driving servers to store third parties for related data in order to cope with possible accidents. Some printing companies help customers find out the product data made many years ago, providing convenience for the other party, which is enough to make customers feel moved and gain favorable comments. But all of this, after all, is the primary stage of data processing, and the last layer is to use these data to provide the larger customer community with the possible, market and needed services.

So far, how to use the data in the printing enterprise to provide customers with what kind of service is still a subject that needs to be constantly explored and perfected in practice.

Although large data may become a profit tool for enterprises, it is essential to do a good job of collecting and sorting out and analyzing the large data on this basis. Otherwise, how will the fur be attached to it? For example, the large data of the consumables sales network will help to observe the trend of the market, judge the development trend of the industry, understand the proportion of the printing enterprises to use the green environmental protection materials, and judge the degree of the green printing to the people. But in the initial stage of the website, the heel is still not stable, actively exploiting the market and striving for more. Many customers join the team is the top priority, after all, the realization of website self-sufficiency, and then to profit is the fundamental guarantee of survival. As for the use of large data for the industry to serve the development of the industry, it is after the solution of the problem of the survival of the web site, but it is a valuable step in the use of large data for the service of the industry.

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