Interview With Huatai Li Jianhua: Suffer A Huge Impact From Newsprint Successfully Achieved A Thrilling Leap 5

- Jun 01, 2018-

Interview with Huatai Li Jianhua: Suffer a huge impact from newsprint Successfully achieved a thrilling leap 5

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The famous American standard oil founder, Rockefeller, believes that specialization can earn wealth, diversification will preserve wealth, and capital will be put into multiple industries. This is the only way for companies to be invincible. The wealth of the Rockefeller family has so far been passed down to six generations and is the longest-running family consortium in American history.


During the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, Huatai’s “a piece of paper swept the world” was reputed as the world’s largest news production base. As a result, at the beginning of “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, DuPont and Solvay, two major international chemical giants, threw an olive branch to Huatai. The reason why Huatai has rapidly made papermaking and salt chemical “two giants” during the “10th Five-Year Plan” to “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period is Huatai’s “double giant” strategy. The entire “Twelfth Five-Year” period was basically the five years of “reform and adjustment” of Huatai. When a giant was in distress and another giant rescued it, the “Thirteenth Five-Year” Huatai Group unwaveringly began to diversify its development. New pattern.


Huatai is a legendary name. It was founded in 1976 and is a tree plant in the Chinese manufacturing industry. If a person's life experiences only success, it will result in a successful aesthetic fatigue; only experience a bumpy, fall once, and will see further when they stand up again! Therefore, Huatai Company, which has been involved in “wetlands” at present, stands higher and strives to achieve a multi-billion-dollar group. From double giants to diversification, any wind and rain cannot stop the pace of progress. Because in Huatai, there is an elite executive team. Over the years, under Li Jianhua's affectionate training, this team has become the backbone of Huatai Company. Therefore, the development of Huatai Group has an unstoppable explosive force. Li Jianhua is often pleased to say to the visiting guests: "For young people to do it, I also look!"


The backbone of Huatai Group comes from

Li Jianhua's "Family Feeling" Internal Training


             Chairman of Huatai Co., Ltd. Li Xiaoliang

Not long ago, when manufacturing network interviewed the CEO of a member company of Legend Holdings, he learned that Liu Chuanzhi’s impression of the staff is a kind of affectionate, like an elderly or big brother. The concept of talent known as the godfather of Chinese enterprises is: “internal training, step by step, let the feelings become a mission, let the key employees become the masters of the company, have feelings and responsibilities for the company!”. Li Jianhua and Liu Chuanzhi are very similar in terms of personnel training.


No kind of emotion in the world can be compared with affection. The way to treat employees determines the height of a company, salary incentives and care for employees from the heart, so that employees have lifelong ownership and spiritual ownership, such companies It can be handed down from generation to generation and will last for a hundred years.


Over the years, Li Jianhua has been storing talent for Huatai and persisting in internal training. The selection of elite employees from undergraduates from Hainan and Hainan is an excellent way to train them. His careful cultivation of each individual is from the heart, both as a life mentor and as an elder brother. Li Jianhua himself once said: "I treat them like my own relatives." This alone is not something that every entrepreneur can do. This is a simple and great wisdom.


At present, Huatai has formed a post-70s “backbone talents” team represented by Li Xiaoliang, Wei Wenguang, Chi Yuxiang, and Sun Yajun. This team has grown up with Huatai, united, forge ahead, and has both integrity and talent. The development provoked a girder.


For a business enterprise, no matter whether it is a high-paying employment or a win-win situation, it cannot be compared to the affection of human beings. When a company emerges crisis, it is undoubtedly that family affection is difficult, and it is only based on interest. The win-win based cooperation can easily break apart when losing benefits, and only family affect the hearts of people. In Huatai, this kind of “family culture” is naturally formed without any planning and intentions. It completely comes from Li Jianhua's natural and authentic nature. This is a kind of “kinship management” that is currently not even his own name.

Compared with sharp entrepreneurs, Li Jianhua is a thick and elegant one. He respects people and is modest. It is hard to imagine that he has a burning spirit and a strong desire. In fact, his heart is very tough and persistent, the pursuit of corporate enthusiasm is never lacking, but only his own high cultivation and self-cultivation never let his edge exposed. Li Jianhua is a man of great wisdom. His wisdom is primitive and natural. There is no composition from the outside world. Probably he hasn't been to any business school and he hasn't read Adam Smith. He depends on his inherent character and wisdom, and on his beliefs and comprehension, he leads the Huatai people to build professional benchmarking and model companies. "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", is very much looking forward to China's manufacturing industry with one hundred billion more enterprises - Huatai Group!

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