Interview With Huatai Li Jianhua: Bear The Huge Impact Of Newsprint To Achieve Breathtaking Leap 2

- May 31, 2018-

Interview with Huatai Li Jianhua: bear the huge impact of newsprint to achieve "breathtaking leap" 2

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Forget the past. In fact, when time entered the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, Internet media had erode the news market on a daily basis, but at the time, the paper media was not obviously aware, because at that time, the advertising of paper media was still the mainstream. Advertisers were only trying to advertise in online media. Therefore, the newspapers kept the number of prints, and newsprint was hardly affected by what kind of influence. At the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, various types of integrated websites, industries, and professional websites have risen, and people’s reading habits have also changed. The circulation of traditional paper media began to decline, and then fell sharply year by year. The situation of oversupply of newsprint papers . Until the "12th Five-Year Plan" paper media landslides, Japan and Thailand are forced to shut down one Taiwan newsprint machine. Pressure, confusion. How does Huatai break the predicament? To achieve "surprise jump"?


Manufacturing Network: President Li, I haven't seen you for several years!

Li Jianhua: Yes! After coming to Huatai.

Manufacturing Network: Thank you, President Li. I found that you are very spiritual now and you are happy!

Li Jianhua: Well, you are also very good?

Manufacturing Network: It's good now! Because the paper media turned into a net media, the direction was right and it was lost.

Li Jianhua: What did you want to know about Huatai during this visit?

Manufacturing network: Paper media has been falling, want to know the current situation of Huatai Newsprint production line.

Li Jianhua: Only one of the six newsprint production lines has been kept, which is the largest and most advanced one in the world. In cooperation with Voith, all other 5 newsprint machines were upgraded, and newsprint was turned into cultural paper and wrapping paper. In accordance with the national supply-side structural reforms, it provides an effective supply for the market to produce products that require it.

Manufacturing industry network: just to catch up with the strong demand for e-commerce on packaging paper, Huatai Newsprint to change the production of kraft linerboard and high-strength corrugated paper to catch up with a good time?

Li Jianhua: Thank you! Became a staged victory! One stage!

Manufacturing Network: A Stage? When does Li always have no absolute confidence in success?

Li Jianhua: You see, on this newsprint, Huatai has become the largest in the world, and the paper media has fallen globally. Huatai is the first to suffer the greatest damage.

Manufacturing Network: Are you afraid of newsprint?

Li Jianhua: I have been doing business for more than 30 years and have always been cautious and cautious in making decisions. Only the huge impact of electronic media on the paper media is beyond my expectation. This trend is global, and exports cannot go out!

Manufacturing Network: I remember you had an interview in 2009, when you did not believe this trend, you do not accept Internet media!

Li Jianhua: Yes, in the short period of several years after China’s accession to the WTO, Huatai has made newsprint the first in the world, replacing imports, lowering the price of newsprint, saving costs for the national paper media, and making contributions, driving away Paper, changed the pattern and also won world respect.

Manufacturing Network: So at that time you hated this trend, can not be reconciled?

Li Jianhua: Yes!

Manufacturing Network: When you were very fond of the newspapers, no one can match your attachment. Facing the newspapers' annual reduction, when Huatai's first news paper machine stopped, have you experienced pain and confusion?

Li Jianhua: Of course, it was a painful and innocent painful experience. Because it is not business management problems, it is not technical or other problems. Although I had lost and lost my mind during the transitional decision-making period, I never conceded.

Manufacturing Network: No one can beat the trend, but any difficulties will not knock you down! Your character is here. Many people believe that you can turn the tide and you will surely have a way to do a good job with Huatai!

Li Jianhua: Thank you! Thank you to all those who trust and support Huatai.

Manufacturing World Network: To withstand such a huge impact across such a big hurdle, not all companies can do it. Really "thrilling leap", Huatai to achieve a successful "hop", do you think that mainly because of what benefits?

Li Jianhua: I think the main benefit is that Huatai has a good foundation. The profits of Huatai Chemical make up for the loss of newsprint. It also benefits from the spirit, perseverance and unity of Huatai people. In fact, before Huatai shuts down one paper machine, we are ready to make full transitions. For example, market development of products and technical research on equipment will strive to minimize losses.

Manufacturing Network: Huatai Newsprint that has been impacted by electronic media, and the changed packaging paper has benefited from e-commerce. It is called "the loss of the east and the mulberry harvest." Still hate the Internet now?

Li Jianhua: Do not hate it, after the Internet baptism, Huatai began to embrace the Internet, not the country to call the Internet + it!

Manufacturing industry network: Lee no longer dare to underestimate the trend! Discover that you will use WeChat.

Li Jianhua: Yes, every day you can see your articles on WeChat. Huatai and global technology company Voith signed a multi-field cooperation to discuss the development of IoT Industry 4.0 to help our traditional manufacturing companies upgrade and realize Industry 4.0. In addition, we plan to build a global pulp and paper trading platform to develop smart Logistics industry.

Manufacturing network: Huatai began to benefit from the Internet?

Li Jianhua: Based on the two major industries of papermaking and chemical engineering, Huatai has diversified its business and actively sought out products that are marketable, including the Internet and smart IoT products.

Manufacturing network: Huatai people are very smart. Once they see the trend and have a direction, they will make the company a model and benchmark.

Li Jianhua: The country’s proposed structural reform of Internet+ and supply side is very good! Let traditional manufacturing + Internet, supply side, to provide the market with high quality and demand products. Huatai will, as always, do a good job in the enterprise and make more contributions to the country and society.

Manufacturing World Network: "Contributing" is your life's belief and spiritual sustenance because you like it!

Li Jianhua: Thank you for your understanding!

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