Gansu Printing Industry Chamber Of Commerce Was Established In Lanzhou

- Jun 01, 2018-

Gansu Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce was established in Lanzhou

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Just as the 22nd session of the Lanzhou Meeting was held, Gansu Industry Chamber of Commerce added new members. On July 8, the first general meeting and establishment meeting of the Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce of Gansu Province was held in Lanzhou.

On that day, Zhang Qifu, chairman of Lanzhou Haofeng Industrial Park Group Co., Ltd., was elected as the first president. In addition, the Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce of Gansu Province has also signed strategic framework agreements with Gansu Branch of Agricultural Bank of China and Lanzhou Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. It is understood that there are currently more than 1,000 printing and packaging enterprises in the province, but there are unfavorable competitions such as unbalanced development and competitive pricing. Therefore, the intensive development of enterprises in the printing industry is urgently needed. The Gansu Provincial Printing Industry Chamber was established by the Lanzhou Haofeng Industrial Park Group Co., Ltd. with the Northwest Digital Printing and Cultural Industrial Park as a platform, jointly with Lanzhou Ruichang Printing Co., Ltd. and other printing companies. After more than one year of meticulous preparation, Now there are 66 companies in the printing industry chain in the province to join the club, and members are in 12 cities and provinces in the province.

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