Baibu Town Printing Industry Promotion Conference Held To Promote Printing Enterprises Settled In Development

- Jun 02, 2018-

Baibu Town Printing Industry Promotion Conference held to promote printing enterprises settled in development

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On the afternoon of December 12, the Songjiang District Printing Association, the Haiyan County Cultural Industry Association Exchange Conference and the Baibu Town Printing Industry Investment Promotion Conference were held to exchange information on the development of the printing industry in the two places, and promoted the Baibu Printing Culture Industrial Park. Shanghai high-quality printing companies settled in creating opportunities. The heads of 43 companies of the Songjiang Printing Association, the Haiyan County Bureau of Commerce, the Cultural Bureau, the relevant leaders of Baibu Town, and representatives of some companies from the Haiyan Cultural Industry Association attended the promotion.

Before the meeting, 43 people from Songjiang Entrepreneurship visited the printing park, such as Hanbu Printing in Baibu Town, and site surveyed the planned site of the Baibu Printing Culture Industrial Park. The matching status of the printing industry chain in Baibu Town was relative to Shanghai. Outstanding price advantage and superior geographical location showed more interest.

At the meeting, the leaders of both associations introduced and exchanged the development status, development direction and industrial characteristics of their respective printing industries. Bai Zhenzhen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of the town, Fan Zhenghua introduced in detail the development of Baibu Printing Culture Industrial Park.

Songjiang entrepreneurs have stated that taking into account the current situation in the printing industry, they must set targets for the next step in industrial investment transfer. Many entrepreneurs also stated that they have placed their transfer investment on the agenda and are currently locating around Shanghai. This time they have come to Haiyan Baibu and found that Baibu is a place that is very suitable for investment.

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