Analysis Of The Market Research Report Of China's Printing Equipment Industry In 2015-2020 Years

- May 31, 2018-

Analysis of the Market Research Report of China's printing equipment industry in 2015-2020 years

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Europe is still the largest market for printing equipment and equipment, followed by the US and Asia Pacific. In the next 5 years, the annual average annual growth rate in the Asia Pacific region will be the first in the world, which is mainly due to the rapid development of the printing industry in Australia, China, India, Mauritius, Singapore and Thailand. Functional printing presses are the most important products of the printing equipment industry.

"2015-2020 years of China printing equipment industry market survey report" shows that the summary of China's printing equipment and equipment industry, after years of efforts, especially after the reform and opening up, has made considerable progress, in the pre press, printing, post printing and other fields can produce equipment and equipment to meet the market needs. In terms of equipment, the development speed is still very fast, and now basically meet the development needs of the printing industry. But compared with foreign countries, domestic equipment still has a large gap, which is mainly reflected in three aspects.

First, material. The material of domestic equipment is quite different from that of foreign countries.

Second, the stability of the equipment. Many domestic equipment still has problems such as unstable equipment or high failure rate.

Third, the precision aspect. Accuracy includes machining accuracy and equipment accuracy. At present, domestic equipment mainly has problems in the accuracy of equipment.

(I) the gap between China and the European Union

Compared with developed countries in Europe, the technical level of printing machinery and equipment in China is far from that of the developed countries. Therefore, the imported printing machinery and equipment still account for more than 50% of the market share. The main equipment comes from the European Union. The main countries are Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland. The main technical gap is shown in the following aspects:

1. There is a big gap in the application of digital technology. Foreign digital proofing machine, digital printing machine (including black and white and color digital printing machine based on ink powder, single paper and roll paper digital printing machine, ink jet printing machine, etc.) and computer direct plate making machine have been mature, and the market share is increasing and digital work is continuously improved. The application of the process enables enterprises to automate the process of design, production and delivery from print to print. There are many enterprises in our country to develop the computer direct plate making machine and start mass production, not only to meet the needs of the domestic market, but also to a certain amount of export. Digital printing presses based on toner are not yet produced in China. Although some enterprises adopt the way of cooperation with foreign manufacturers to produce inkjet presses, the core technology of the products is still in the hands of foreign manufacturers.

2, the main technical indicators of partial printing machinery have a large gap. For example, the assembly precision, the precision of the printing, the uniformity of ink color, the stability and the highest printing speed are still lower than the products of the main equipment suppliers in Europe. Many newspapers in Europe are printed on wide flexographic presses, while flexo printing machines are mainly used for packaging and printing in China.

3, book binding equipment still has a certain gap, automation technology level is still lower than the main equipment suppliers in Europe. The post processing equipment has made breakthrough progress. The automatic hardcover linkage line has been successfully produced in China, and the multi unit hot stamping equipment has been exported to Germany. There is a certain gap between the stability and reliability of the equipment, and the functions of non axle transmission, intelligent bad page separation and connection packing and binding are still needed to be perfected. There are still some gaps in the technical level of the multi - unit joint line of the post - press equipment, such as the wireless adhesive binding line, the automatic trade mark cutting line, the automatic packing box production line, the book and magazine hardcover linkage line and so on.

4, the automation level of the printing machine still has a big gap, mainly in: the application of the advanced technology, such as non shaft transmission technology, automatic control of ink and wash, automatic plate, automatic cleaning, automatic paper wearing, is still at a low level.

(two) the gap between China and the United States

In addition to the European Union, the United States has been the main importer of China's printing machinery and equipment. The main import equipment is a flexible printing machine, a digital printing machine and a related auxiliary equipment. The main technical gaps with the United States are as follows:

1, flexographic printing is widely used in the United States, especially in the field of packaging and printing. The development of flexography in China started late than that in the United States. Therefore, many flexo printing machines were imported from the United States. Although some manufacturers have been able to make flexo printing machines at home, there is still a gap in the technical level compared with the manufacturing industry in the United States, mainly in the wide range of flexible printing equipment.

2, the production of digital presses in the US has been industrialized, and digital presses have been widely applied in the fields of personalized printing, variable data printing, and so on. In recent years, many enterprises in our country have introduced black and white and color digital printing machines produced by American manufacturers, but only a few enterprises in China produce inkjet digital printing machines.

(three) the gap between China and Japan

The export amount of Japanese printing machinery products to our country accounts for second. The main export printing machine products have various specifications of single paper offset press, roll paper offset press, adhesive label printing machine, binding machinery and digital equipment. The main gaps in the equipment are as follows:

1, although the technical level of Japanese printing machinery and equipment is lower than that of European products, there is still a large market in our country. First of all, they have more developed basic industries, and a large number of supporting electrical appliances are exported to China. Such as: frequency conversion system, numerical control system, tension control system, temperature control system, bearing and

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