Affected By The Rising Cost Of Raw Materials And Logistics, Cultural Paper Is Rising Again.

- May 31, 2018-

Affected by the rising cost of raw materials and logistics, cultural paper is rising again.

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A few days ago, a printer owner sent messages in WeChat's circle of friends. Under the scrutiny, it was the three letter of price increase. Related enterprises include Yueyang forest paper, BW foreign exchange and the three factories of Jindong, Jinhai and jinhuasin under APP; the main paper is cultural paper, including double paper and copper paper, up 300-500 yuan per ton.

From the letter of price rise, the reason for the increase in prices is also affected by the rising cost of raw materials and logistics.

According to Mr. Zheng, the printer owner who posted the news in the circle of friends, the last time he remembered the price rise was about six months ago. The price rally was fierce and doubled. He can only be helpless with the rise, as for their downstream customers to accept, he said that the other side does not accept no way, always can not make a profit, no change.

In fact, the price rise of cultural paper is not the first in the second half of 2016. The price of copper paper rose from 5002 yuan per ton in December 15, 2016 to 5395 yuan per ton in January 2, 2017, and the increase reached 7.86% or 393 yuan in half a month.

The price of double gummed paper rose from 5548 yuan / ton in September 26, 2016 to 5814 yuan / ton in January 23, 2017, rising 4.80% (or 266 yuan / ton).

Due to the further deepening of the supply side reform, the increasingly stringent environmental protection, small capacity manufacturers are gradually eliminated, plus large manufacturers in the short term there is no new production capacity plan, so the future of double paper production capacity continues to compress. On the other hand, the lower reaches of the copperplate and the double paper are mainly teaching materials. With the attention of the country to the primary and secondary education and the comprehensive release of the "two child" policy, the volume of the textbooks will be increased and the demand for the copperplate and the double adhesive paper will be driven.

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