98,000 Tons Of Pollution-free Straw Papermaking Project Landed In Shou County, Anhui Province

- Jun 01, 2018-

98,000 tons of pollution-free straw papermaking project landed in Shou County, Anhui Province

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 On July 8th, the signing ceremony for the 98,000-ton environmental pollution-free straw papermaking project with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan by Anhui Yuxing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Shou County, Anhui Province.

Shou County, Anhui Province is a major agricultural county in Anhui Province. The crops produced each year amounted to 1.9 million tons of straw. After the pollution-free straw papermaking project is completed, it can use 500,000 tons of straw paper. Not only can we arrange thousands of jobs, it also brings considerable economic benefits.

The new technology of straw cleaning pulping is the use of purely mechanical methods to decompose the straw into two major parts, fiber and planting powder. The fiber part is made of pulp and paper, and the powdered part is used to make biological fertilizer. The entire production process does not add any chemical substances, and the recycling of production water is not used. The straw raw materials can all be used without waste, thus achieving the effect of eliminating pollution and improving resource utilization.

"Environmental-friendly and energy-saving recycling-type non-polluting pulping new process" compared with the traditional process does not produce black liquor throughout the process, using low-temperature, low-alkali, atmospheric cooking, steam-blown, chlorine-oxygen bleaching, slurry yield 50% - 80%, such as raw straw, reed, cotton stalk and other raw bleached pulp, whiteness 70% - 85% ISO; cracking length 4000-5000m. The water consumption per ton of pulp paper is 3-5m3; the cost of ton pulp paper is 3,000 to 3,500 yuan.

China is a big country in agriculture and adopts a new process of black pulp-free clean pulping. For example, 50% of the 1 billion tons of agricultural waste straw resources will be used each year, and 100-200 yuan per ton of straw market acquisition will increase farmers' income every year. 50 billion to 100 billion yuan in direct income. A 100,000-ton paper mill built in each county can solve more than 2,000 rural surplus laborers, and the county’s economic income will reach 300 million yuan. The economic and social benefits are all very significant.

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