Selenite Crystal Tower Lamp

Selenite Crystal Tower Lamp

White selenite crystal tower lamp. LED light inside - 3 colors of light: white, yellow, warm white. USB plug for easy recharge.

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Our selenite factory is located in Hubei provice - central of China.  We have a selenite crystal show room and office in Shenzhen, which is close to Canton Fair and HK. 

Our raw material is from local, and part of them are from Africa. Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene.A calming and soothing stone, selenite brings mental clarity and clears confusion. Selenite is a great stone to meditate with as well as a great choice for grid work.

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Selenite Lamps deliver natural purifying properties and light that brings a visual radiance to your space.  There is LED light inside, we have 3 colors of the lights.  It is easy for re-charge the selenite lamp,  we have USB line.  So even if you don’t get any outside much, you can light up your space which allows light to pass through the nature represented by this crystal before it illuminates your space.  We also call this kind of natural selenite crystal as "healing stone".  

Cleanse the energy with a nice, soft white glow that balances out some of the REM-screwing blue light we get from our computers, phones, and television screens. It will be a nice home decoration items even without the lights. So the most importand thing is selenite is an ideal crystal for the home or office because it infuse you with bright, soothing, uplifting energy. 

The size of our existing selenite crystal is of 8*8*20cm,  and we also can make the size according to customer's requests.

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 wechat /Mobile: 86 13590339776  

SKYPE: tonybsceramic 

Product :Selenite light Light Type:LED Light Colour:Yellow/ white/ warm white Material:gypsum stone The Battery:Polymer lithium battery 500mAh Charging Time:2 hours Working time:12 hours(depends on brightness) Control method:Vibration control Input:DC3.7V Power :0.8-1.2 W Power Supply:USB 

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